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Radical Groups

Have a bone to bash with the KKK, MOVE or some other group of dangerous mental midgets? Here’s an idea based on something a chap named Chucky Gorman did when he got home from Vietnam.

“I found out the home phone numbers of about a dozen members of the local radical group of hatemongers. I also knew their leader and how he spewed hatred of anyone who had a job, was white or had white friends, etc. IT was a black version of the KKK. I could also imitate his voice.

“All of these brothers got this heavy-duty alert phone call from me about then o’clock that night, telling them to unearth their pieces. I also told them to bring the heavy stuff – the full autos and sawed-off shotguns – for a big blast-off for some Klanners. I told them to meet me at a specified location at midnight.

“My next call went to the state police and I used my ‘Mr. Charley P. Whitey’ voice for that call. I told them when and where. Man, I check out a couple of the brothers and at 11:30 they were loading up their cars and going for full combat.

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