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Radio-Controlled Aircraft

Every kid wishes he had one… even us old farts who had to make do with balsa wood gliders dozens of years ago. But now, Mac Chunder’s old pal Jimmy Carter has some new uses for the latest in Radio-Controlled Aircraft models.

It’s expensive to sacrifice these Radio-Controlled Aircrafts, but Jimmy feels if the fault and the cause are enough, then the cure is $$-justified. That works for me.

Here’s some of his suggestions:
  • Always be sure you have included the primary and secondary mark’s full name, address and telephone number on an ID plate on the Radio-Controlled Aircraft.
  • Crash or land the aircraft in or on the area of a ball game, concert, religious gathering, graduation, funeral, etc.
  • Add a smoke or mild pyrotechnic capability to the crash.
  • Fly the Radio-Controlled Aircraft through the mark’s window kamikaze style. This ending works well with corporate windows, trustee meetings, parole boards and union or management gatherings. Again, remember smoke or pyrotechnics.

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