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The famed Eastern European chef Job Trojemadj once had a supposed friend pilfer and use two of his personal recipes to win an important culinary skills contest with both monetary and professional rewards at stake. Needless to add, our wronged captain of the kitchen dealt his own set of cards.

“I had printed some blank recipe cards just as my former friend used in his own files. I then prepared some carefully faked recipes with various bogus things, ranging from ingredients to amounts of ingredients, scattered throughout. I had these smuggled into his personal recipe file at his home – items he would prepare for personal guests. It took only a month for the rumors to surface about this man losing touch with his craft,” Job Trojemadj reported with obvious savor to his voice.

“Revenge in my field is always a case of hoping for the best, but always expecting the worst,” he adds.

You could easily take this stunt another step and use this basic idea to infiltrate bogus recipes into the appropriate locations at stores, restaurants, flea markets, local newspaper columns, etc.

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