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Record Departments

Like many other buisnesses and services, the recording industry has their circular version of cutting corners. According to an article in *Rolling Stone*, more than 30 percent of the records released today are below acceptable standards in some phose of manafacturing. The reporter estimated that nearly 20 percent of the tapes are ripoffs, too. Add to those musical mistakes the fact that many large retail outlets could care less about the quality of the product for which they take your money.

Our umbiquitous Jimi the Z has a response to this record madness. If a store hassles or cheats you, Jimi says to go in and erase their tapes. He cautions that true record shops rarely cheat or hassle you, so unless they deserve trouble, leave them alone. For the others who cheat the public with commercial slop, Jimi the Z uses an E-bow with an off/on switch installed.

“You can also buy or borrow a small portable eraser from your local electronics store. Whichever you use, wave it fast over the tape display repeatedly. It works,” says this veteran erase artist.

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