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Rotten Egg Smells

When I first heard this one, it brought back memories of mass menu recipes I ran into when I was Uncle Sam’s guest. You know, 195 gallons of this, eighty-six pounds of that, sixty-one carcasses of these, several bales of whatzit, and so on. Anayway, this is a recipe for making a massive quantity of a solution that, according to its chief cook, smells *worse* than terminally rotten eggs.

The Rev. J. Richard Young is our mass-amount chef, and here’s his recipe:

Boil twenty-five pounds of sulfur in a fifty-five gallon drum over a hot fire, adding fifty pounds of lime and water. After hard boiling for an hour, kill the fire and let the mixture sit overnight to cool. Carefully siphon off the yellowish/orange liquid, but leave the settled lime and sulfur. Fill the drum with water, stir the mixture, and bring it to a boil again. Let it settle and cool for another night, and again pour off the liquid.

According to the good reverend, you should have about thirty to forty gallons of stock. To this, add one pound of sulphate of ammonia fertilizer for each gallon of liquid you have. Stir it, and then cover the mixture. After an hour or so, it will stink awesomely, and you are advised to cover it tightly. To quote one witness who attended its use once in Winslow, Arizona, the afflicted area smelled “worse than if every sewer in town had backed up fully in the middle of summer…It was sickenly gross.”

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