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Mort Sahl once pointed out that people who were afraid of ideas and thinking would label him an outlaw. Yet, Sahl, who has a hell of a lot more understanding and conscience than many people have brains, says he thinks of himself as a moral sheriff. I think we can tie into that.

Any person concerned with security needs a supply of chains, locks, cables, and glues. Sometimes you need to protect your mark. That might mean chaining his/her car to the bumper of another car at a party, in a parking lot, or on the street. A good padlock completes the picture, and by the time you get some expert there to release things, everyone is unhappy. If your mark is the obvious target, then all the victims are unhappy with him/her, too.

Locks, chains, and cables are great for closing lanes and driveways, sealing vehicles in or out. They can keep people in offices, homes, apartments, or even buildings. They can fasten objects to other objects. The horizon of your own ideas is not yet even in sight.

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