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List of pranks you can play on your mark while they are Showering.

  • Urinate in a person’s shampoo.
  • Put Nair or some other hair removal chemical in a person’s shampoo or conditioner. You may need to distract the person for a moment to let the stuff take a better hold.
  • Fill the shower head with dry temper paint, onion salt, easter egg pellets or the like. Lifesavers are great since they disolve and then reform on the victim. The victim will feel sticky afterwards and of course the solution to that is to take another shower…
  • On a cubicle where the door reaches the floor, seal the door shut and fill the cubicle with water. You may wish to introduce marine life.
  • Flush toilets while a person showers. The more toilets the better.
  • Swipe a person’s cloths while they are showering. Put them in an embarrassing place such as the showers for people of the opposite sex.
  • Glue the lids to people’s shampoo shut. They get all wet and then realize they can’t wash their hair.

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