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Some Usefull Things To Do With X Friends

Some Usefull Things To Do With X Friends

1. If you were really good friends with this guy then he probably told you alot of his secrets. You could blackmail him with these, making him pay you $20 a week, just for you not to tell everyone about how Uncle Henry does things to his dick that he doesn’t like.

2. Post on bulletin about his awesome pir8 board that’s open 24hrs a day and All new users get 500 free fp’s. People will be calling him non stop to get on his fake bulletin board, it’ll be especially funny at 1 in the morning.

3. Tell everyone about the dumb names that his parents used to give him as a small child. This ‘ll really piss him off and embarrass him to hell. I have a friend who had REALLY bad nicknames but luckily we’re still good friends.

4. Usually your friend will let things slip as you become better friends. For instance he may give you his password to a really ELITE board. Or he might happen to give you the code to his garage opener while you’re house sitting for him. These all come in very handy when you to despise each other.

5. Spend a little cash and advertise in the local newspaper. Get a full page ad that says something like “You can also make free calls through Bell, AT&T, and Sprint just dial this number (your ex-friends number of course) between 11pm and 6am and we’ll explain to you how you can achieve this, please ask for (your ex-friends name)…thank you.” This is fucking hillarious!!

6. Your ex friend will have probably told you really secretive things like who he likes. So go yelling your head off and phone everyone who he’s ever liked and tell them. It’ll be fucking hillarious!!!

7. Go to the library and get a card out in his name (with all the REAL details). Then take out lots of books the second day you have the card. When the librarian calls him for those 3 year overdue books (that you never intend to return) he’ll have no idea what they’re talking about….but he’ll HAVE to pay for them!!!

8. Once again we come back to some of those special secrets that friends tell each other. You can use these against the guy to SUCH an extreme, it isn’t funny (well it is actually). For instance you can tell the whole school about those really nasty habits that he has (shits in the night, gives himself head). Or you could spread such tales about there parents and get them in shit. For example you could phone the office telling them about the guys little run in with the law!!! The possibilities are endless!!!

9. Take your friends favourite things and FUCK THEM UP!!!! For instance if he is a cat luvver then grab his cat and staple it to his front door!!! Or you could steal his stamp collection. Rip the stamps and then mail them back tgo him in an envelope…you get the picture.

10. Set him up for a BIG BASHING. Get together some of your friends and meet at a place where the local fiend (heheheheheh) is seen commonly. Now, as he turns a street corner (or whatever). Start pelting him with rocks and marbles and anything you can think of. Then when he’s crouched on the ground from your onslaught of projectiles start kicking the living shit out of him. And when you’re done doing that throw him in a garbage can. This is fucking GREAT!!!

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