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From the storehouse of brotherly love we again welcome C. B. Gunslinger to transmit a tip of dealing with loud stereos. He notes that his brother and his punk friends inspired this idea.

“I need to study or want to be alone to read and my brother and his damn friends crank up the stereo and keep me away until 3 a.m. It happened all too often,” Gunslinger related. “I stopped that nonsense. Every time he’d blare his stereo I’d just turn on my CB radio and key the mike a few times. It sends a great shrill, piercing noises squealing through the stereo speakers.”

Happiness means that the Gunslinger brothers have reached an agreement to please all concerned. C. B. says this cooperation concept will work for people in other apartments and houses, too.

Remember that old college game called “Switch,” favored by Greeks, where you moved your thumb from location to location on command? Several readers noted the idea that switching components on stereo equipment might advance the cause of Haydukery.

For example, switch capacitors and resistors, or solder bridges between previously unjoined ports. Cut a wire at a junction, but leave it in place mechanically. All of this fun stuff will cost the marks lots of repair dollars.

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