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The reason that con artists succeed is that people are basically greedy and sometimes dishonest, e.g., most folks want something for nothing, and all of us are bargain hunters. That’s what Casey Rolands of Tampa, Florida had in mind when he shared this scam.

“All you do is call thirty of forty people in your city and read a written statement which you present after making them identify themselves. You tell each person something along the line of

`Congratulations, (name of person called), you’ve won our free telephone (name some other secondary mark a business or radio station) sweepstakes. No, this is no gimmick and not a sale. It’s just our free sweepstakes to show people in (town name) how much we love ’em. To collect your prize call (then give them the mark’s number) and ask for (mark’s first name).'”

You may answer questions but always seem excited and urge them to call today, as Casey adds with a laugh.

“If you want to build it up a bit, identify yourself as being from local outfit that regularly gives away huge sums of money. It works so well that irate people will call the mark for weeks wondering what happened to their prize money,” he says.

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