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Here’s an unusual case of a wife striking back at a straying husband. This clever ruse starts with the wife sending a brief note to her husband’s lover, setting up a clandestine, surprise dinner rendezvous for two. The not says it is all a big surprise and not to call or ask him about it….big secret stuff. The note hints at good things like divorce, carrying the lover away, remarriage, et cetera.

The next step is, of course, not to let hubby know about this dinner date. wait for about fifteen minutes after the appointed hour he is supposed to meet lover and call the restaurant. Page him. Lover will probably answer. Wife then says to the other woman, “Would you please ask my husband to come to the phone?” The rest of the conversation should be played by played by ear. The main idea is that the lover will wonder, how did (wife) know????

Revengeful Rebecca Between the Slices of Rye (honest, that’s the way she gave her name) says she learned that her old man was playing around, so she started leaving these sexy-style men’s underwear in her car, after putting thick stains and baby oil marks on them. She also started leaving a different brand of cigarettes around the house and once put a large cigar butt in the unflushed toilet. She alternated between being very passionate and very played out in bed. She made his ego miserable.

I talked to Jim Flasherman just before leaving Chicago’s blizzrd-swept O’Hare Airfield one summer day. He’s really a radio personality, and he passed along a great idea for releasing some stress and emotional pain in the direction of a former lover or wife who is sharing her body, affections, and/or loyalty with someone else.

Jim says. “This works best if your ex is on welfare. You simply call the welfare office as a good citizen and turn her in on prossie (prostitute) charges. Or you get a friend to pose as a cop and do the same. As gilding, get a bunch of other people to make the same complaint. You have no idea how much trouble that causes.”

I checked this with a law enforcement official in another state, and he told me that most agencies surely would check it, even if the woman were not on welfare. Significantly, though, he told me, “Women alone, especially divorced women, are vulnerable to this sort of thing. You know how society and the old double standard are. It’s nasty, but it’s effective.”

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