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I’ll never forget the expression on the face of Raymundo Diaz when he told me, “The man with access to a bucket of tar has more power than the man with an eighteen-inch neck in the bar-room fight.” As always, Ray’s priorities are on schedule.

It takes less time for me to tell you to obtain a bucket of roofing tar from your nearest lumber yard that it does for you to think of ways to use this natural weapon against your mark. Consider the thick gooey nature of this substance and how Tar adheres to almost everything with the same serious tenacity.

Need references? Ask your mother, spouse or anyone else who has had the unsuccessful frustration of attempted tar removal from objects like clothing, car interiors, skin, hair, food, lawns, gardens, pets, children, paintings, water systems, air conditioners, and so on and on and on.

Tar belongs, Haydukers. Enjoy its immoderate use.

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