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The Fax of Life

This is a good way to get back at a school or place of business you do not like very much. Most fax machines used to use thermal paper that came in rolls and was VERY expensive, but most machines use plain paper now. This is much more effective with rolls, but is still costly even with plain. And if the victim is a company, the revenues they can lose from their fax line being busied out can be substantial.

All you need is:
  • A fax machine
  • 3-4 sheets
  • Black construction paper
  • Tape

First, if you can program the number you’re calling from into the machine, since that name and number will be on top of every page, change it to someone else’s name and number whom you do not like. Now, call the victim’s fax line, and take the paper (which you already taped together to form one LONG sheet) and feed it in. When you get both ends free of the machine (one having not gone in yet, and one end already out), tape them together, so you get a big black loop. THis eats all their paper, and uses all their toner, as well as blocking up their fax line until they notice. Often in big corps, they don’t run to the fax machine everytime it rings, so you can leave the thing running for quite a while before they hang up. Enjoy.

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