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The Tormenter!!

No matter how just or righteous your cause might be, there are times when you just can’t win! You can’t even break even. An incompetent gets the credit or upper hand. You catch the blame for someone else’s faults; or you just get left out in the shitter because someone is on the take. About the only satisfaction you can get at times like these is to even the score, and one of the most effective ways to even it up is with the Tormenter, a device certain to have your best, or worst enemy climbing the walls.

Imagine sitting in a quiet room or car and every so often hearing an “eeeep!” that seems to come from everywhere, but when you search you can’t find the source of the noise because it has stopped. You go back to work, or sleep, or whatever, and “…..eeeep!”

Think of the torment as 24 hours a day, day after day, your enemy is eeeped! And if you really want to personalize the sound, you can change the output from an eeep! to a foop!, a pfst! or an eeeooop!

The tormenter is completely self-contained. No power switch is needed or used because the intermittent sound results in a very low average current and the battery will last several months, possibly a year or more!! To silence the Tormenter simply unsnap the battery terminal. The sound quality produced by the Tormenter is determined primarily by R6, C2, and to a lesser extent by R2. The current values produce an “pfst!” Increasing R2(no more than 2x’s) increases the pitch.

Increasing C1’s value increases the delay between the sound(for maximum torment increase C1 to between 100 mF and 200 mF causing a delay of over 2 minutes. I have included two different settings. The first is the original schematic and makes the “pfst!”, the second is my favorite variation and makes a nice sliding “eeeooooooop!” which is damn annoying.



Q1,Q3 -ECG-123A, NPN transistors (check Radio Shack Semiconductor Reference Guide for their equivalents)

Q2,Q4 -ECG-159, PNP transistors


(All fixed resistors are 1/4 watt 10% units)
R1 -1 Megohm
R2 -27000 ohm or *40000 Ohm
R3 -1800 ohm * = X-Man’s variations
R4 -100,000 ohm
R5 -270 ohm or *Jumper
R6 -1000 ohm

Additional Parts and Materials:

B1 -9 volt transistor radio battery
C1 -80 mF or *30mF, 10-WVDC, electrolytic capacitor
C2 -.05mf, 10-WVDC, disk or mylar capacitor
SPKR1 -8 ohm, 2-inch PM Speaker
Misc-Battery Terminal, Circuit mounting board (2″ x 4″), and a little cement to attach the battery and speaker to the board.

For the innovative, we were able to etch a circuit board with dimensions of only 1″ x 2″ allowing the whole device to fit inside the palm of your hand. However, the normal size is still small enough to suit most needs. Well, that should do it. Just follow the schematics and put it all together. Both variations have been extensively field-tested in hostile enviroments (English and Physics) and have come through with flying colors. A really great place to put this device is in the announcement speaker in the ceiling or (If you really want to be evil) somewhere amongst the thousands of books in your library!


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