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Things to do to losers

Things to do to losers

1. Crank call them until disconnect their phone line.

2. Take their basketball when they’re not home and melt it with napalm.

3. Send them a virus.

4. Egg Their house.

5. Throw ballons full of colored shaving cream in their back yard or on their house.

6. Order 2 – 3 extra large pizas to their house from 5 different places.

7. Order plumbers to their house from 5 different places so they come to the house about 30 minutes apart.

8. Order male and female strippers to their house.

9. Order a cement truck to their house full of hot pink cement.

10. Order a dumpster to their house.

11. Fill their trash can with little pieces of packing styrofoam.

12. Fill their trash can with water on trash night.

13. Send them threats through the mail.

14. Write fuck you on their grass with sulfuric acid.

15. Cover their grass with cement in the back yard when their not home.

16. Tip over cat houses.

17. Throw their cloths off of the clothes line onto the roof.

18. Catch and kill alot of BIG bugs and throw them in devious places such as threw their window. A good way to catch and kill bugs fast is to make a kill jar like this. Take a pickle jar and fill the bottom 1/2 high with plaster. Pour acetone in the plaster after it is dry. Let the acetone sit for a minute then pour out the execess. Then keep the lid on. After you catch a bug with this it can take anywhere from 1 – 10 minutes to kill the bug depending on its size.

19. Order a dumpster to their house.

20. Throw rocks at their house after they have all gone to sleep.

21. Get ahold of some bacteria from a lab and rub it on their door knob.

22. Punch alot of holes in their hose.

23. Slash their tires.

24. Take dog crap and smear it all over their house.

25. Buy some fish and let them rot. Then drop down their chimney or any other creative place.

26. Fill their mailbox with snails.

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