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There are many unfortunates who suffer from chronic underarm radiance, or as it’s known in better clinics, armpit stench. A sensitive person has only to shop among the huddled masses at any less than urban mall or supermarket on a weekend to appreciate this offense. I propose a solution.

If your mark is one who suffers from this problem, a few gentle hints from an interested other party (spouse, friend, business associate, etc.) to use a powder deodorant will set up the next stage. Before going on, let’s toss a hearty thanks to the ankle biters of Aunt Nancy’s Nursery School for the remainder of this old factory operation.

When the mark has been set up to the point of using the deodorant powder on a regular basis, you replace the top layer of that nice, gentle odor suppressant with 1) yeast powder, 2) wallpaper paste, 3) or something else along these same tacky lines. Actually, it’s an idea fit for a Brut.

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