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  • Place an old beat up vehicle near the entrance to a school building. Remove the wheels and fill it with cement. Nearly impossible to remove.
  • Cut an old wreck in half and weld it together around a flagpole.
  • Disassemble an old car and reassemble it on top of a building or in the main lobby of the building.
  • Block off a major road using traffic cones or barrels.
  • Get some of the jacks used for moving cars around car lots and move all the cars in a lot so that they are about 3 inches apart and impossible to get into or move.
  • Fill someone’s car or truck top to bottom with snow. (You’ll need a shovel most likely)
  • Place a dead fish in an area of the engine that is hard to get to and that will get hot. Jammed under the radiator is just about perfect. After a couple of days the smell just becomes unbearable.
  • Jack up a persons car so the wheels are just barely off the ground, but not enough to be noticeable.

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