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Women Beaters

I agree with Carla Savage that these scumbag beasts are right on the top of the list with child molesters when it comes time to hit back. But for this generic nastiness, according to Carla, your mark in this matter really doesn’t have to be a full-time wife beater, any deserving jerk will do. “Call the local shelter for bettered women, usually late on a Friday or Saturday night as those seem to be prime hours when these creeps have to reassert their flagging masculinity by having a bunch of drinks and then knocking the old lady around,” Carla says.

“Have a male friend do the talking. Have him sound a bit drunk, very surly and very foul-mouthed. Ask for the mark’s wife or girlfriend by name. Mention the mark’s name a lot, too, as it is ‘him’ making the call. “Insist the attendant is laying if he or she tells you that the woman is not there or refuses to give out any information. That’s SOP. Tell the attendant to put her on the phone or you’ll come down there and forcefully take her home your own way.

“Get really nasty. Get sexist beyond the lunatic fringe. Threaten to torch the place. Threaten to rape everyone there. Make lesbian charges. Laugh when the attendant says he/she will call the police. Tell them you have an axe and explosives. Get angry and loud. Keep mentioning the mark’s name and that of his wife or girlfriend. Suddenly hang up.”

Carla says to wait about fifteen minutes and have your friend call back. Have your friend sound all sweetness and light. He can’t apologize enough. Have him cry a little. She says these jerks run in patterns like this. The idea is to make a very realistic performance. Accept the telephone counseling for a few minutes, then gradually get a bit more militant about a man’s right and that “even if you love (her name) a lot, she lies, etc.” Build into that insulting, threatening rage again.

If your male friend is a good enough actor and you do a bit of research beforehand, Carla bets you can have the police at the mark’s home with the second call outburst. Most shelters tape their calls, so keep that in mind, regarding what your male friend says and who your male friend is, i.e., pick someone who is not from the area.

Carla had to use this stunt on one of her ex-boyfriends who liked to beat up girls. She said it worked all the way, as outlined. She later found out the boyfriend spent a little time in the slam before his true alibi stood up. But you can bet your last dollar that the cops kept his name on a list. I know cops.

As a final comment, Carla asks that you save this plan for a last-ditch effort unless your local shelter has several telephone lines or uses volunteers with phone-forwarding services. She says, “Don’t tie up their phone lines so that a truly legitimate emergency can’t get through. Treat these numbers with the same respect you would 911.”

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