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School Fun & Pranks

School Fun & Pranks

School is an institution designed to allow and encourage young people to learn, under the supervision of teachers.

Kids like to have fun and this has lead to many school pranks being executed by many kids. The common ways to have fun are; waste time in class, do something mischeiveous so the entire class gets out early, cause puzzlement for teachers, or merely to help themselves stay awake in a boring class.

A school prank is any of several common pranks performed by children or young adults. The pranks may occur in or away from school, or in any peer group setting, or between siblings.

The best pranks are the ones that make everyone laugh together when they’re over. Pranks should be fun and not make fun of a single individual or group.

This category covers school fun and has tons of articles on amusing things one can do to have fun at school!

School Mischief

I shall start off with some of the cool aspects of a ``school cafeteria. As most of you know, this is not a very nice place, or at ``least it's not very nice in my school., you have to get out there and catch ``the ``food before it gets away... ...

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The Art Of Harrasing A School

So, the following text is pretty much a diary and compilation ``of some techniques we used to keep those fags out of their classes. ``Those punks stayed out of class so much, they might as well've been off ``with the rest of us. So enjoy the show as we embark on a journey to ``excavate the losers from their shells of higher education.... ...

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83 Ways to Trash Your School

Liberate your life -- smash your school! The public schools are slowly killing every kid in them, stifling their creativity and individuality making them into non-persons. If you are a victim of this one of the things you can do is fight back. ...

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