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School Mischief

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By – Walkon / Sysop
Temple of the Un-Dead
201 – 575 – 4010

If you have’nt
yet seen part I of this phile, I suggest you do so, for it is
definatly one of a kind. I shall
start off with some of the cool aspects of a
school cafeteria. As most of you know, this is
not a very nice place, or at
least it’s not very nice in my school., you have to get out there
and catch
food before it gets away… but in any case…

1) School
Cafeterias: In this ever growing world of terrorism, and practical
jokes, you should learn the
basic methids and uses of ketchup. This red stuff
that they use to cover the mold on the
french-fries, makes a nice stain on
peoples clothing. So… take a few packets of ketchup, and
during phys. Ed.
you take the pack and put little holes in it, then put it in someones back

/> pocket, (preferably white pants), do this while they are out in the gym, and
you are alone
in the locker room… It’s a gas when they get up after pulling
their pants on and there

2) Marbles are very cool… especially glass ones and steel ones, what
you do
is, get into your ‘Friends’ locker and (if he/she has a shelf) take a book and

brace it up at an angle, and leave them alot of marbles to play with… so
open their locker, they should have no problem watching them spill all
over the floor… then
they get little questions like ‘Hey man, did you loose
all your marbles?’ and ‘Is this a throw
back to your child hood?’. This is
even better when they have to go out in the middle of a
class period and when
all the marbles fall out he has teachers all over him asking ‘What do
your doing?’ and the ever popular ‘Wheres your pass?’…

3) You
can improve on the marbles scheme by using water/perfume filled
or plastic
baggies. ‘Cause, howd you like to go around smelling like a flower
all day long (if your a
boy), if your a girl, then your a wet flower… your
‘Friend’ walks down the hallway ‘Squish.
Squish Squish’ from all the water in
their sneakers…

4) Do any of your parents
have old contact lens fluid bottles? (small) If so
then your in luck… if you fill these with
water and walk down a crowded hall
you can have alot of fun… Spray your victem so it looks
like he/she took a
leak in thier pants… in a crowded hall-way, the’ll never notice till
says.. ‘Hey, Professor Leaky… Turn off the faucets…’… If you want to
even meaner, then you can take the bottle and fill it with the juices from
a rotten egg.. now
its’ one thing to piss in your pants, but if you go around
smelling like rotten eggs all day,
whew… I can almost guarntee a suspension
or a free trip home… (very embarrasing)…

5) During your free period, goto a pay phone and call the front office, and
have your
victem paged to the front office… tell the front office that you
are the boy/girls father
and your coming to pick them up for an emergency
doctors appointment… and to go and get
his/her books… then they sit in
the front office for 1/2 an hour, (and miss class).. then
they say ‘ Hey,
did you and some of your friends pull this stunt so you wouldnt have to
class?!?!?!.. Goto the principals office NOW!’ Good ‘eh?

6) Heres some fun
to have at the library… goto the magazine rack and
replace the Sports Ill. and the other
widely read magazines with Playboy and
some of the others… (rip off the Sports. Ill. cover
and put Playboy inside)
You should see the expressions on the girls faces when they open that
up… (or on the teachers faces)…

7) Hide a cheap radio ($3.00 things
that you get from radio shack (am)) and
set it to blast when the locker is opend. (set it on
some queer station) To
set the wiring up.. Open up the radio and disconnect one of the wires
to the switch, turn the switch on. Now take the wire you just disconnected and
it to another switch, and a wire from the other end of that switch to the
old switch… now
tape the switch into the locker in a way that whenever the
locker is opend, the switch will go
on, and whenever the door closes, the
switch will go off… this is embarrasing, especially
when you cant find the
radio to turn it off…

Well, I have coverd just a few
more aspects of life in a school… so I
will be signing off now… call my bbs at:
201-575-4010, and keep those
teachers/students hopping… and look for.. yes I will… PART
/// coming
soon to a terminal near you…

—===>>> WALKON

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