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Crime, Theft & Robbery

Many countries in the world are experiencing an increase in crime rates, even on an international level there is an ever increasing threat of violence and crime.

We live in a world where more and more often we see and hear about crime; horrendous and grisly, along with the petty and annoying.

Some of the most common crimes are theft, robbery and fraud, including; shoplifting, purse snatching, burglary, armed robbery and credit card theft.

So how do you protect yourself against such crimes? How to do protect your home and business against burglary? How do you go about protecting yourself from fraud, especially identity theft?

All is revealed in this outstanding set of articles, covering these and many more self and home protection topics.

Get one up on the criminals and be prepared for them, they will never stand a chance and you’ll never be a victim.

What To Do When You’re A Crime Victim

A normal person is probable to be victimized of house burglary, robbery, scams, accidents and the like. It is important for every person to be aware of What To Do When You're A Crime Victim. What follows are guidelines for steps to be taken immediately after being victimized. ...

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How To Avoid Being Arrested

When you get arrested even for a small offense, you have to pay heavily both monetarily and socially. You have to pay fees to attorneys, bail bond agents, loss of time on your job, or even loss of your job. You can avoid all this by taking some precautionary measures that are outlined in How To Avoid Being Arrested. ...

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How To Protect Your Valuables From Theft

A lot of stolen valuables are retrieved but it is never returned to their owners. Why? Because these items have no identifying characteristics, hence the owner cannot be traced. How To Protect Your Valuables From Theft provides tips on ways to protect your valuables so there is a chance for you to retrieve them even after getting stolen and much more!. ...

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How To Burglar-Proof Your Windows

Windows are the most vulnerable since a burglar can easily enter your home by breaking the glass but there are certain measures you can take to prevent the burglar from doing this and this what you are going to be taught in How To Burglar-Proof Your Windows. ...

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How To Select A Burglar Alarm

Crime is on the increase throughout America - and most of the world! To protect your family, your home, your possessions and yourself having a burglar alarm in every household is imperative. Learn How To Select A Burglar Alarm in this easy to follow article. ...

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How To Reduce Crime In Your Neighborhood

The occurrence of thefts and robberies has increased to an alarming rate and in this situation every citizen should read 'How To Reduce Crime In Your Neighborhood' as it will acquaint you with different steps you can take to get the criminals off your block and out of your locality. ...

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How to Steal a Bike

It is essential for every biker to know How to Steal a Bike so that he knows what should be done to protect his bike from thieves. Different aspects of stealing a bike and things to look for when you go to purchase a lock are discussed here. A must read for anyone who is concerned about the security of their bikes. ...

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