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How To Perform a Credit Card Check

When you somehow obtain a card, before you order something, you must first check the card to see if it is good. Here is how to do that:

Dial: 1-800-554-2265

10# – Mastercard
20# – Visa
1067# – Auth. #
51# – Merchant Number
CC number + # – when asked for card number
MMYY + # – When asked for exp. date
Dolars+*+Cents+# – When asked for amount

Now, here is what you must do to check the limit of the card.

Call up and enter all the card stuff and when it says amount start at 5000*00#, and it will almost ALWAYS say declined, unless it is a Preferred or Gold card. From them on, go down in $1000 increments until it says approved and gives you an auth. number to write on the customers receipt. Then enter $500, it should say declined, if it doesn’t and says approved, check it for 500 again, then it will say declined.

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