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Coin Operated Vending Machine Robbery

Robbing Vending machines is not as hard as it seems and that is the reason why you will notice this being done a lot. This article on Coin Operated Vending Machine Robbery explains how people succeed in defeating the vending machines.

Part 1 – How to Rob Pop Machines for money and pop

Take an empty 2 liter bottle of pop and fill it with luke warm water. Then put about a good 1/2 cup of salt in and mix it up real well. Go find a fairly deserted pop machine late at night, and either make a funnel with a rolled up newspaper, or go and buy one. Then stick the funnel in the slot where you deposit your money, and slowly start pouring the salt water into the coin slot (get the brave one to do this 😉 ). The water will run down the METAL and into the coin box. In the coin box, there are two little “switches”. One gives out pop when it is activated, and the other gives out change. When the water runs down in between them, the water conducts electricity and short circuts them. The pop machine will then start to radomly shoot out pop and money. It is best advised to either have someone stading near the power cord to the pop machine (ready to unplug it), or have somebody with a pair of hedge clippers that will cut the cord. This is not always needed, but we had one machine that was possesed, and almost landed on top of us!

Part 2 – How to Rob Arcade Games

This method for Coin Operated Vending Machine Robbery is very simple, but it does work. Go and get and ordinary quater and drill a hole near the out side about 1/16 of an inch big. Then go down to your local hobby store and pick up some of that thin heavy duty string they use on model rocket parachutes. As you probabbly have guessed, tie the string through the hole, and viola! Insert your quarter VERY VERY SLOWLY, and when you hear the machine accept your credit, slowly pull it back a little ways and do it again and again untill you have like 100 credits. I have also heard of people magnetizing their quarter and when they pulled the “quarter on a string” out of the coin box, they brought like six more quarters up with them. If your quarter does get stuck, you can pull fairly hard on the string, and even if it does break, it’s only a quarter. This also works well for cigarette machines (especially in Canada if you use “loonies”). (Note: There is also a method that has gotten less publicity called “Penny Flicking” in which you take a penny and flick it up the coin return slot. However, we have yet to experience this successfully. If anyone succeeds in doing, let us know.)

Part 3 – How to get free Candy and chips and stuff.

This only works on two types of machines.
1 – The type that have the 25 cent gumballs, or the M&M’s, or peanuts and other shit. You put in a dime, or a quarter and turn it.
2 – Almost the same, except you must use silver dollars or 4 quarters, they have the chocolate bars and chips that have that coily thing that revolves and drops the item.
It would probabbly work at some laundry machines that work the same way. Take your quarter and put it in the slot. Now you can either do two things here, you can use a peice of scotch tape and tape the quarter in, or you can even use a peice of gum on the back of the quarter to hold it in place (This actually works alot better). Then just simply turn the handle, when it somes around again, your money will still be there, and the candy will come out! So, turn it again! The reason this works is because the machine releases candy as soon as the coin slot can turn all the way, not when the coin drops….The coin doesn’t even have to drop, it just has to turn. So if you prevent your quarter from falling, it will come back.
This is all for now on Coin Operated Vending Machine Robbery. Hope you all put this to “GOOD” use 😉

Comments (44)

  • Jt

    “but we had one machine that was possesed, and almost landed on top of us!”

    making me laugh at 8am is quite a feat!!

  • jayunseen

    thx saved me alot of quarters becuz of u

  • KaOs

    There is a vending machine a my local WAL-MART, I’ll try it there. MoNeY.

  • CHe

    ok what about the ones where u put dollars in to get quarters back? how can we get 10 dollar bills in thier and withdraw them but still get the cash

  • thechos

    if u want to cheat change machines, look into the jolly roger’s anarchist cookbook, online edition, it maybe fairly had to find online, but it takes exactly about what u want to know.

  • Panners

    Penny Flicking: I knew this as ‘flicking twos’ (British 2 pence piece) and was introduced to it by a lad from the Possil area of Glasgow when I was a teenager in the 1980s. Never got the hang of it myself but he was a small bloke with small hands and we would tour cafes and arcades with a pocket full of 2p coins and leave, pockets jangling with 10p pieces having had loads of free games on the vids.

    Happy days, before cctv and all that bollocks.

  • Ray

    I really want to do this, but i don’t want to caught. Plus all the Vending machines are too far to walk or bike ride to.

  • ?????

    any1 kno an easy to pop a coin bin on a coin operated washing machine?

  • shaniqua


  • superman

    Dude, I have JT beat. You made me laugh at 7:20 AM!

  • Danika Zelaya

    Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

  • Ross Meierhofer

    Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

  • Geta Life

    hey why dont you go out a get a REAL JOB then you could actually pay for your own soda and CANDY and not have to be such a LOSER ripping honest people off! NOW that’s a thought!!! Your Welfare Check may go bye bye some time soon,SO MAYBE you could invest in some vending machine that is theft proof and try and make a living! and maybe KaOS could actually apply at Walmart instead of trying to rip them off!!!
    Peace out, /

  • tanner

    I have done the coin flicking before. Just take a penny and flick it up where the coins come out of the arcade machine. You have to flick it up against the inner wall where they come out.

  • zen

    You know, a lot of places are setting up security cameras to catch people doing this…
    You might not get into too much trouble just stealing a few dollars worth of change, especially if you’re a minor.
    But if you damage any machines doing this stuff – you’re shit out of luck then!

  • k

    Yeah, some hedge clippers to cut a live power cord with. Anyone dumb enough to do that I guess deserves the possible JOLT

  • Hax0r

    All of these methods are outdated things reposted that dont work anymore. Soda machines no longer have those sensors directly below the coin slot, arcade machines put a stop in that doesn’t allow quarters to come back up. Part 3 may work though. Do some research before just posting retarded outdated shit like a 12 year old

  • J. Baker

    Geta Life :
    hey why dont you go out a get a REAL JOB then you could actually pay for your own soda and CANDY and not have to be such a LOSER ripping honest people off! NOW that

  • Uriah

    Coke machines have a drain built into the coin slot. I guess they did this because of morons like yourself. (The author of the post) I own and operated a number of them. There is no switch that gives out pop or change it is all microprocessor controlled. Perhaps your thinking of the antique coke machines that no one operates anymore. I also own arcade games and the string trick doesn’t work anymore. I come across coins with string stuck in the coin-mechs now and then and all it does jam the coin slot. Same with Gumball machines. They won’t let any coin stay in the slot no matter what. They have been making these things for many many years and they have overcome most all attempts at free vends. Besides I work my ass off and I am not the one getting rich. Coke a Cola inc. is.

  • lethal sparrow

    No shit, Sherlock. What was your first clue?

  • Joe_r

    On a field trip a friend of mine taught me to do the penny flicking. It worked for him really well, and I started to get it after a while, it just takes some time to get the flick motion right.

  • Anon Zero

    Hm.. Nope, still hate capitalism, and will do anything to piss people like you off. ‘Honest people’? Arcade machines don’t produce material thing. They make profit, just by existing, I think it’s high time to take back the money it owes you. Oh, and Walmart is sexist, mess their stuff up.

    Peace out, house negro.

  • linda

    i don’t want to steal i just want to know how to stop key operated washing machines to stop stealing from me. i put 20.00 on key and only get about 12.00 worth of use, anybody know how to fix this. I’ve told my landlord and they keep saying its fixed but not! anybody help!

  • Lula

    lil einstein :If you get that industrial string and tie it around the top of you nob , you can be free euros to pop out of your cock if you drink a 2 liter bottle of saltwater!! same process as the above on! It would be a good idea to do this in privacy because it may make others around you a bit uncomfortable! p.s this only works for males (obviously)!

    you know for being a lil einstein you sure don’t know anything about spelling…lots of errors in your lil schpeel there haha

  • Matt

    The soda one.

    Does this actually work? Newer pop machines or older?

  • Freddy

    @fetus puncher
    I found five on the first floor of King’s Hall in CalState LA.
    And I guess there’ll be pay phones still in, like, New York, or Detroit, or someplace.

  • Freddy

    Um, I copied and pasted that to the wrong site, sorry, because posting didnt work on google Chrome, so I had to use Internet, and I copied and pasted, and messed up, pasting to wrong article. Sorry.

  • Freddy

    I read that they changed the way the vending machines work when some teenagers stole 70 cans of soda using the salt water method in the 1990s. The salt water method still works today?

  • vsleepy

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I was beginning to wonder if I was the only person reading the above conversation in disgust – what does one expect to read from a bunch of lazy-losers who go after petty change, free video games, candy,and soda pop? I can only hope that you are all children repeating some dialogue you recently watched on T.V. If not then any young person who ends up reading the above conversation – don’t set your standards in the gutter for change! Protect your clean record, go to college and get a job that will make you happy and your children proud someday. Oh yea,and give you the tools that will get you more money than a piece of string would!

  • dan

    Go make something of yourself fucking thieves! Really sad. Too lazy to make your own way, just take from those who do. Sad

  • Mr.Swag

    Also with the m&m machines and gumball shit you can just punch the little twisty thing and it come out.

  • why do this?

    I’m a vendor with all these machines you mentioned. I’m trying to make a living that doesn’t involve hurting others. But when people do this to me, sometimes I start to think diffrent. Why do this to me? It’s not much money I make but its better than robbing someone. Have you ever thought of selling your ideas to vendors? I’m sure if you invested your time in learning to fix vending machines you would make money because now you know how to repair them and teach the vendor to watch out for stuff like that.

  • Curtis

    I understand that the phone company got smart and installed some sort of finger or flap that as the coin drops, tries to close off the slot…running into any thread or string, prevents the coin from dropping any further. I also heard on the History Channel History of Coins, that some designers filed a sharp edge on this flap, and that it snips or slices the thread.
    Beat that one, will you…

  • Pierce age 10

    Hi……. I am just wondering how do you actually put in the coin with the string into the arcade game? Do you need: Thin string! Because i tryd it but it wouldn’t accept the money and it would not fully go troo it any solutions?

  • John

    !!Warning!!! this will not work – the newer machines use coin weight, and the older machines actually have HIGH VOLTAGE SWITCHES so you will either electrocute yourself, or blow a fuse but you will not get anything except a free ambulance ride!!

  • Trollolol.

    Will this work with Australian vending Machines?

  • Remolino

    A magnetized quarter, would never pull other quarters up, unless they are counterfeit. Quarters are made of copper, an d then silver plated, neither of which is magnetic.

  • Fuckyou

    @Geta Life
    Maybe if the vending machine owners in my area didn’t charge 75 cents for a game of pacman, I wouldn’t need this!


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  • natasha

    On how to rob pop machines for money and pop, wuldn’t pouring liquid in it cause the machine to do an electic shock & go crazy then break?

  • Orville

    Funny in a way. But, in my opinion any thief is a low form of life.

  • jay

    wouldnt try this at my coin laundry lol iv got more cameras aimed at my machines including the vending machines, by the time you get what your trying to get(if it even works) you’ll have a free ride to the police station downtown waiting outside for you when you walk out.

    the water trick fries the coin mech in a pop machine and that is vadilism over 1000 bucks… depending on where you live the punishment by law is more than volunteer work

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