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Coin Operated Vending Machine Robbery

Robbing Vending machines is not as hard as it seems and that is the reason why you will notice this being done a lot. This article on Coin Operated Vending Machine Robbery explains how people succeed in defeating the vending machines.

Part 1 – How to Rob Pop Machines for money and pop

Take an empty 2 liter bottle of pop and fill it with luke warm water. Then put about a good 1/2 cup of salt in and mix it up real well. Go find a fairly deserted pop machine late at night, and either make a funnel with a rolled up newspaper, or go and buy one. Then stick the funnel in the slot where you deposit your money, and slowly start pouring the salt water into the coin slot (get the brave one to do this 😉 ). The water will run down the METAL and into the coin box. In the coin box, there are two little “switches”. One gives out pop when it is activated, and the other gives out change. When the water runs down in between them, the water conducts electricity and short circuts them. The pop machine will then start to radomly shoot out pop and money. It is best advised to either have someone stading near the power cord to the pop machine (ready to unplug it), or have somebody with a pair of hedge clippers that will cut the cord. This is not always needed, but we had one machine that was possesed, and almost landed on top of us!

Part 2 – How to Rob Arcade Games

This method for Coin Operated Vending Machine Robbery is very simple, but it does work. Go and get and ordinary quater and drill a hole near the out side about 1/16 of an inch big. Then go down to your local hobby store and pick up some of that thin heavy duty string they use on model rocket parachutes. As you probabbly have guessed, tie the string through the hole, and viola! Insert your quarter VERY VERY SLOWLY, and when you hear the machine accept your credit, slowly pull it back a little ways and do it again and again untill you have like 100 credits. I have also heard of people magnetizing their quarter and when they pulled the “quarter on a string” out of the coin box, they brought like six more quarters up with them. If your quarter does get stuck, you can pull fairly hard on the string, and even if it does break, it’s only a quarter. This also works well for cigarette machines (especially in Canada if you use “loonies”). (Note: There is also a method that has gotten less publicity called “Penny Flicking” in which you take a penny and flick it up the coin return slot. However, we have yet to experience this successfully. If anyone succeeds in doing, let us know.)

Part 3 – How to get free Candy and chips and stuff.

This only works on two types of machines.
1 – The type that have the 25 cent gumballs, or the M&M’s, or peanuts and other shit. You put in a dime, or a quarter and turn it.
2 – Almost the same, except you must use silver dollars or 4 quarters, they have the chocolate bars and chips that have that coily thing that revolves and drops the item.
It would probabbly work at some laundry machines that work the same way. Take your quarter and put it in the slot. Now you can either do two things here, you can use a peice of scotch tape and tape the quarter in, or you can even use a peice of gum on the back of the quarter to hold it in place (This actually works alot better). Then just simply turn the handle, when it somes around again, your money will still be there, and the candy will come out! So, turn it again! The reason this works is because the machine releases candy as soon as the coin slot can turn all the way, not when the coin drops….The coin doesn’t even have to drop, it just has to turn. So if you prevent your quarter from falling, it will come back.
This is all for now on Coin Operated Vending Machine Robbery. Hope you all put this to “GOOD” use 😉

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