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The Art of Shoplifting

The Art of Shoplifting is not published to encourage any person to commit any illegal act, but for purposes of informing discussion of the issues at hand and more appropriately to educate you with the psychology of shoplifters and the tactics used to succeed in their endeavors.

Shoplifting is a topic that is practically relevant to many and it should therefore not become an exclusive craft confined to a small shoplifting elite. On the contrary, shoplifting is an art that deserves the widest possible dissemination. For your convenience we have printed below a step by step guide to shoplifting and how can one shoplift without getting caught.

Within capitalism, most of us are either

(1) alienated from our labour and hence dependent on the ruling classes for commodities as basic as food and clothing

(2) excluded from the division of labour, in which case we are likewise dependant on the State

(3) performing unpaid and/or unrecognised labour and hence dependant on patriarchal relations for food, clothing, etcetera. In any case, our access to resources is severely limited by contemporary relations of domination. One partial solution to this problem may be to STEAL.

Sadly, however, many people living precariously on low incomes tend to either:

(1) avoid shoplifting for anachronistic moral and/or ethical reasons; or

(2) remain ignorant of the better methods and techniques of shoplifting, thus failing to maximise their lifting potential.

From the onset, the golden rule of theft should be enunciated: NEVER STEAL FROM SOMEBODY WHO COULD CONCEIVABLY BE A COMRADE. Hence kicking into a house on Bell Street with a beaten up old Mazda in the yard is irresponsible and counter-revolutionary!

Be careful, too, about taking stuff from small ‘corner store’ type shops — you could be ripping off someone in a situation not dissimilar to your own. On the whole, it is best to play it safe and go straight for the big corporate f***ers.

Some people will suggest that shoplifters are a selfish breed, since ‘we all pay for it in the end’ through inflated prices to cover losses and so forth. However, comrades, this and closely analogous arguments are used to just ify lowering wages, breaking unions, lowering corporate taxation and taxation on the rich and corporate sector we may as well sell ourselves into bonded slavery now, or join the Liberal Party.

No, the injunction against stealing from capitalism is itself a capitalist ideology and should be spurned as such. Although we have been taught that ‘thou shalt not steal’, an order historically backed by threats of divine retribution, this should not for one minute stop us from taking the redistribution of wealth into our own hands. Believe me, no-one is likely to do it for us.

What follows is a list of effective methods and observations that may prove useful.

Preparing oneself for the big haul:

1. If possible, you should always have some money on you when intending to shoplift, because if you’ve got none, it’s rather hard to argue that to steal the item was a spontaneous decision. As a result, if you’ve got no money and are caught shoplifting you are more than likely to be charged for burglary as well as theft.

2. Buying something at the same time that you steal stuff doesn’t necessarily ensure success. Approaching staff for items you are absolutely sure they don’t have is just as good. Think of something that you know they don’t have (i.e. a doona cover with a specific pattern on it or something equally obscure) and pretend that you are looking for this, so that you have an excuse for being there. If staff are ever suspicious of you or ask if they can help you, ask them if they’ve got the thing you are sure they don’t have. Never screw this up — if you do you will have to buy the item or they may realise that you are there to steal.

3. It is always a good idea to carry a bag although you should never stash anything in it — if security/sales staff are suss on you the first place that they’ll check is your bag and it may just get you off the hook if they can’t find anything suspicious inside of it.

4. Remember that there is no such thing as a standard store detective — there is no qualifying dress code, age, race, gender or class. Grandma will bust you this week and next week it’ll be a 5 year old kid.

5. Just as there is no typical store detective nor is there a standard shoplifter. Security do not go looking for the poorly dressed people. They may pick on you out of boredom, but remember, only an unsuccessful store detective picks on poorly dressed people. By the same token don’t believe the stale myth that suits + dresses = more successes; security anticipate that professional shoplifters will dress up a bit. Wear whatever you want.

On entering the maze:

1. As soon as you enter the store, suss out the sales people. First impressions often count here. You could find a valuable blind-eye turning ally in younger or less-affluent employees. Alternatively, an employee can often stand out as a more wishy-washy gullible individual — so even if they see you they are likely to be too gutless to mention it, either to you or to security.

2. Don’t be put off by signs such as ‘shoplifters will be prosecuted’ or ‘security police patrol this store’. Often this is just bluff anyway, and in any case there is no security measure that cannot be undone by a clever shoplifter or a quick talker. Do, however, keep your eye on security and be on the lookout for video surveillance cameras.

3. Try to find where the video surveillance monitors are and who is watching them; often they are not even looking at them. See if you can get a glance at their monitor. Often it is one monitor hooked up to 20 cameras which changes sequentially (every 30 seconds or so). Other times it’s one guy in a room looking at 50 screens while reading the paper or glued to the box. These monitors are usually pretty small and have a wide aperture, showing more of the room but not enough detail to adequately see what you are up to.

4. It is a good idea to keep your back to the camera as much as possible without looking suspicious. Check out cameras (hold-up cameras) are often set up to check on employees, so they are not hard to keep your back turned to.

Blind-spots and other lifting techniques:

1. A blind-spot is a section of the store where you are barely visible and can thus feel free to both dump and collect stuff, without fear of being seen. Display units can make perfect blind-spots — they ensure security is confident they have their eye on you, when in fact they can only see your top half — at the same time they enable you to keep your eye on security. For these reasons, the best blind-spots are usually below the chest — around waist high. Blind-spots are good for loading into the lip of your jeans or into a jacket.

2. Make sure your blind-spot is not under surveillance. Never hang around your blind-spot for too long. Most of all, be careful to never lead security to your blind-spot.

3. A good method is to take everything you want to your blind-spot and collect it all later in one go, or better still get someone else to collect it for you. Getting someone else to collect for you can be a great system, particularly with exchanges — which I’ll come to later. If you are really pedantic, or you think that they are watching you, then load up, go to the toilets and pass the stuff under the wall/partition of the cubicle to a waiting friend in an adjoining cubicle and get them to leave with it.

(No item 4 in original text — ed.)

5. Speaking of dunnies and change-rooms, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to put more than one garment on a hanger (works particularly well with women’s underwear), go to the change-rooms and put the garment underneath what you are wearing. Alternatively, if you are a woman, you can slip your old bra on a hanger and put on the new one. Don’t be put off by the staff as you enter the change-rooms — they are usually quite disinterested and so long as the number of hangers you exit with matches the little plastic number they’ve given you they’ll be satisfied.

5. On the subject of women’s underwear, the lingerie department is ideally suited to male shoplifters — not only is it the perfect excuse for looking embarrassed or suspicious (they have come to expect this), but staff are less likely to harass you by trying to help you and will be more sympathetic generally.

Exchanging crap for more crap

Exchanging things — that is, taking the redistribution of wealth into your own hands by refunding yourself for an item you never paid for, or swapping something you stole that you don’t want for something you do want, or swapping something that you don’t want that is unstealable and therefore refundable — is a whole new ball game.

1. If you plan to steal something and then make an exchange always take stuff that people are likely to take back like sheets, or other obscure household items. If questioned you can say to them “as if I’m gonna keep the receipt, I didn’t plan to bring it back”. Books and other small but expensive items such as computer software are also great exchangeables.

2. Stealing women’s underwear and cosmetics are the perfect alibi for male shoplifters who specialise in exchanges. Male customers always f*** up buying stuff for their girlfriends/wives/mothers and when it comes to lingerie, it’s just too easy for a guy to look goofy, have sales staff sympathise and all too quickly agree to exchange or refund the items. This works particularly well around Xmas time when you can tell them you bought it for your mother but she already had that one.

3. Never take an exchange item to the store you stole it from and make sure the other store (e.g. Myers in Doncaster as opposed to Northland) has the same item before you take it back.

4. Make sure you have chosen your item before you approach anyone for an exchange. Also, tell the people in the first department that you want an exchange without mentioning receipts — they should send you down to the appropriate department for your other item and then ring up this department providing a referral, which if you are lucky will mean you do not have to provide a receipt given that everything appears legitimate.

5. The first time you exchange a stolen item for another product make sure you get something unstealable in return, like a video, watch, or something else kept behind a counter, so that the second time you do it, even if you don’t get an exchange receipt they will not suspect that it is stolen.

6. Exchange receipts are a pain in the arse. Sometimes smart arse sales people will write a cross the original docket ‘no original receipt’ which is a problem, so if you have a bit of money on you, it is a good idea to exchange for something that costs a little bit more so that they have to give you a cash receipt.

7. Don’t freak out if they call security while you are acting out an exchange — as returns will often require security’s signature this is quite standard procedure and nothing to worry about.

8. If you’re having problems getting an exchange, big department stores normally have consumer rights people located upstairs somewhere — they can usually be contacted by information telephones. These are people with big egos who like to wield power and the sales staff, who are much lower down the hierarchy, are usually pretty freaked out by this power. If you do get the ego from upstairs on side, they will organise a sales person to look after you and after the egomaniac goes up upstairs again, they sure will — because the sales person does not want to reprimanded by the same person from upstairs more than once, you will be practically able to get them to do anything that you want them to. A good technique is to tell the person upstairs a different story to the one that you tell the sales person. You can get angry at this stage and tell them that they f***ed you around, that you don’t want an exchange any more and that you want a refund now and they will usually comply.

9. Be wary of the long term employee — you’ve got to know when to stop. Be particularly wary of the head of sales or middle management who have been working there for a long time (sometimes 20 years or more) and are not as scared of the big guys from upstairs as are the newer employees. You can often convince some of the younger staff that they are allowed to do refunds if you tell them that you used to work there.

10. Another commonly used technique is to take an empty bag from the same store with a receipt in it for previously paid for items and then nick the same stuff, which gives you the perfect alibi.

11. Better still, if you’ve got some money, find two things that are worth however much you’ve got, take them out of the store and stash them somewhere, then go back in and buy the exact same items. While leaving the checkout, make a big deal about it. “Am I doing the right thing? Will she like it? Will it fit him? etcetera” and then “what the heck!” (Make sure you don’t go overboard and push them to mention keeping the receipt or worst of all mention it yourself!) Pay for it. About half an hour to a couple of hours later (not too long) take the stuff back to the same sales people and they’ll usually give you cash without a receipt because they remember selling it to you. If you pull it off you’ve got a cash receipt and your stolen goods which you can exchange at another store.

Leaving the store safely:

1. Always double back just as you are about to leave the store so that you can check if anyone is following you (99.9% of the time they will follow you out of the store before they approach you). Alternatively, go up and down an escalator or in a lift and press every button in the lift and it will be obvious if anyone is following you.

2. If people are watching you, whatever you do, do not try to discreetly dump stuff unless you are absolutely sure that you can get away with it. If caught dumping stuff they usually won’t charge you but they may f*** you around for a few hours.

3. If you are caught dumping stuff never let a store detective know it was because of them. Always make out it was a result of a sudden guilty conscience. Never let a store detective know that you know that they are on to you, because they won’t put them on you the next time. That way you get to know store security and are able to keep your eye on them as much as you can.

4. If you want to have a bit of fun and don’t plan to continue shoplifting that day, or ever, or you just don’t give a shit, go up to a store detective and treat them like a sales person, asking them for help etcetera. It is just as embarrassing for them to be caught as it is for you. It is always a good thing to break their spirits or at least bring them down every now and again. Alternatively, use reverse psychology on them. Say “I’m going down to such and such department. I’ll see you down there”. Often they’ll be too embarrassed that they’ve been busted and think that you won’t do it now that you’re being watched and you will have the run of the mill.

5.NEVER GET TOO CONFIDENT or you will start to make silly mistakes.

The end:

Finally, if you get caught — lie your teeth out! Never admit to premeditation. Always say that the opportunity arose, so you took it. Don’t act tough or be a smart arse. Cry. Bawl. Admit a guilty conscience. Beg them not to call the cops. Tell them that CSV will take your kids off you and then weep.

Even though some stores say they have a policy to call the police it is not necessarily true and they may, after lots of tears and admissions of guilt, just get you to sign a statement which says you’ll never enter that store again. If the cops do arrive, it’s a good idea to act scared shitless because they may assume you’re a first offender and not bother to check your record. Don’t antagonise the filth — it is their personal discretion as to how bad you get busted.

You are most likely to be charged with ‘theft’ if caught shoplifting, but you can be charged with ‘burglary’ as well if you don’t have any money on you. ‘Equipped to steal’ is what you will be charged with if, for example, you have a slit in the lining of your jacket for concealing stolen goods. ‘Obtaining financial advantage’ and ‘deception’ are what you are likely to be charged with as well as ‘theft’, if caught exchanging stolen items.

We would again like to emphasize that The Art of Shoplifting is not published to encourage any person to commit any illegal act, but for purposes of informing discussion of the issues at hand

Comments (107)

  • Killian

    What about security tags?


    OMG thaaank yooou! im 16 and i’ve been doing this for four years now, and this rly filss in some gaps:) Thamks for making my pastime soooo much easier!!!
    *BTW,could you do one on bookstores??

  • bsb

    Thankz, but wasnt this a egg on rotten before???

  • Jessica

    yea, how do you get rid of all the securtiy tags that trip off the metal detectors and stuff??

  • Billy joe

    Nice artical….now to make my self look bad.
    Walmarts sell gift cards and crap…grap a few iTunes cards and go to the restrooms or changing rooms
    and scrach off the gray tap and write down the code. Place them back on the shelf

    Now if you like to go to the libary u could cut all the barcodes off books
    then sell them on eBay for the price on the back of the book.

    Just ideas…. Never had the balls to attempt. I wear wigs when I do this stuff along fake moles and shit on my face
    so if u get caught stealing load of things your able to reenter as your normall self when you need to.

  • Loki

    Man there was some stuff on there that I didnt know thanks!

  • stickyfingers

    bookstores are the easiest, c’mon.

  • JuJu

    Another thing you can do at any place with a self checkout is to cut off barcodes from similar cheaper items and tape them over the existing barcodes. If the item it rang up for weighs alot less or more than the actual item put it in the bagging area then immediately take that bag off and put it in your cart. I do this with my groceries to get the more expensive name brands for the price of the crappy store brand stuff. Watching you on camera, they can’t tell what youre bagging isnt the same as what is ringing up and the person monitoring the self checkout isn’t close enough to notice either. And I don’t cut off barcodes in the store, I do it at home. In changing rooms you can also switch tags on clothing, like putting a clearance tag from one shirt on a more expensive shirt. The cashiers don’t ever notice it doesn’t ring up as what it actually is as long as the item you switched tags with was similar to the one you want.

  • rdmg

    honestly you are not really in danger unless you are spotted by a loss prevention officer, I spent a year working LP and as part of the training you have to maintain continuity of the product. What this means is that you must see the person take the item from a shelf (or didn’t enter the store with it), see them conceal the item, and then arrest them once they leave the store (because only once they leave the store is it actual theft, anywhere inside the store is not legal theft, ergo no grounds for arrest).

    The legal rationale behind this is that if you didn’t see the person take the item, or even if a sales clerk did, you have no way to prove that they stole the item in court. In order to make a citizen’s arrest (the only real legal section granting LPs the ability to arrest someone) you must PERSONALLY see the person commit the crime in its entirety.

    Otherwise the person could claim that they brought the item with them and sue wal-mart, you, or whatever 3rd party-loss prevention company you belong to with wrongful detainment. Companies are so SCARED SHITLESS of lawsuits that they ensure LPs must be able to prove in court that the crime was committed or else just let the person leave the store.

    Not saying this is legal or even recommended, and I can’t stress this enough, this is just what I’ve seen the successful thieves do, I can not endorse stealing.

    – they enter the store and find their target item
    – they grab the item and throw it into their cart or carry it among other items
    – once they find a “blind spot” (somewhere without other people or cameras) they hide the item somewhere on them, sometimes by going into a bathroom
    – at this point the thief either leaves the item within the store concealed somewhere in a blind spot (one unlikely to be discovered by staff) or attempts to leave
    – if the thief concealed the item, they will usually return within a few hours or a day to see if the item has been moved (usually if it is hidden amongst items that have a low restock rate there is little danger to them of it being discovered by staff)
    – if the item has been moved and they are confidant it wasn’t as a result of another customer or staff then they will know they were followed, if however it is there, they can once again pocket their item in that blind spot without leaving a chance for LP to spot the concealment.
    – once the item has been secured usually the person will make for the exit and stop just before the doors to look back to ensure there is no one rushing for them, because theft isn’t committed until a person leaves the store they usually simply return and ditch the item if the LP is detected rushing towards them, they ditch the items without penalty or legal grounds for arrest.
    – one of the mot successful strategies I’ve seen employed involves the thief planting the item somewhere inside a garden center where they can reach the item from outside after closing and drive off.
    – if at any point the person is caught, the only way I would EVER let the person off is if I was unsure about if I had maintained continuity, my biggest fear as a LP was if I made a false-arrest or if someone turned around and accused me of falsely arresting them. Otherwise we would detain that person and the company as a whole would take them to civil court (after criminal proceedings) and sue them for the wages of LP employees and various other “legal” fees (sometimes as much as $300 for a $1 item).

    cameras only ever help LPs catch thieves if there is someone monitoring them, the recordings are wiped every month and you can’t arrest someone for something you saw them do on camera even if its only a day later, once they leave the store and drive off with the product you lose your chance for an arrest.

  • Angel


  • Angel


  • FormerClerk

    Most security sensors in use now are the same (not counting ink-shooters) they have 2 little sheets of metal in a blister, whenever you take that through the 4-foot-tall pillars near the door it senses the way the little metal tabs vibrate. To get around these blisters you can either hold the product over your head when walking through the pillars. If you have access to the blister you can scratch over it HARD with a pen to bend the metal tabs, if you don’t have direct access you can use a strong magnet to deactivate them (neodymium magnets scrounged from old hard-drives work well)

    Some shoplifters make specialty bags layered with tin-foil to carry their products, these usually don’t work as well as the shoplifter expected because you’ve really got a lot of work to turn a bag into a Faraday Cage, and 95% of people who do this only put about 1/2 as much foil in as they would need.

    Those ink-shooter tags are a pain, they’re usually a sharp pin with a big blob of plastic on one end that connects to a thing full of ink (to dye splotches on the item in question when it breaks) I’ve heard if you freeze them that you can pop them off with pliers, but a lot of them work with magnets as well, I’m sure there’s a tutorial out there somewhere but I wouldn’t bother with all that work.

    The locking slat-wall pins (they hold those clam-shell blister-packs & boxes with a tab on top) are magnetic too, the “Key” for these is usually kept in a drawer by a register, but they’re all the same. One will work wherever you go. Unfortunately these products usually have a blister security tag hidden inside somewhere (Like in DVD boxed sets) that is hard to deactivate (Even at the counter) so beware.

    Also if the theft alarm at the door is already going off, it probably won’t re-trigger so if it’s already beeping like crazy & somebody’s stopped letting the door-attendant check their bag/receipt just walk on through & don’t worry about the sensors.

  • Jack

    What I have been doing for about 11 years is just walking in with one of those hollow books with the inside painted with X ray absorbing paint(you can buy it for like 80 bucks. just google it), finding a blind spot, and putting the product in the book and buying some cheap thing like a pack of gum to make them think I was there for a legal reason. I might be over doing it with the expensive paint but it has always worked for me. Just don’t leave any gaps in the layer of paint 0.0 This is my advice as a guy who has been shoplifting fairly continuously for 11 years.

  • Josh

    How do you get past those spider things? Those things that have wire wrapped around the box. I assume if you cut the wire and it retracts, the alarm will go off, and if you walk past a censor it will go off. Will taping the wire or preventing it retracting work if you cut the wire and put the box in a bag?

  • Josh

    Also, just go to the apple store, there is no real security. just put a box with something expensive in an apple bag you got from a purchase you already made and walk out with it. I got a B&W Zeppelin that way. It’s nice.

  • Draconian

    Too much communism, did not read

  • cameraghost

    Just cut around the little buggers. Unless your after a 46″ LCD hdtv you can get the item out. Just be careful of the spider wrap and cut the box around it with a razor or a knife making sure the wrap doesn’t come off the box. Pull the item out. Check for security tags! Also you can take the spider wrap off by using two small high power magnets on the flat back piece of the wrap. Basically a home made S3 key.

  • MandaMarril

    One of you above said that you used to work in LP. Are you sure that they actually have to SEE you stash the item? So if I like go into a dressing room and stash it they can’t legally do anything? Even if they suspect me?

  • MandaMarril

    Are you sure that they actually have to SEE you stash the item? So if I like go into a dressing room and stash it they can

  • Crutch

    I have been working loss prevention for 4 years although some of these things may be true None of them ensure that you will be sucsefull, But it is very true if you know the in and outs it would be easy but really the only way to know how to do it is work as loss prevention. I have seen suspects use hundreds of diffrent methods in attempting to get merchandise. If a loss prevention assiocate has experince it is very easy to spot you No matter how hard you try you cant hide your intentions

  • big time

    iv walked out with a 42″ tv once, all i did was took the tv put it on a cart and just walked up to the door and asked if i could get help taking it to my truck, they called up some kid and off i was with a brand new 42″ plasma screen tv for free

  • Star

    I would like to start a website with detailed store department maps for shopping Malls across the United States including all entrances exits, elavators, esculators, all dressing rooms and the quietest ones, all departments, some department stores that I like are Nordstrom, Macys, Sears, and JCPennys, looking for others interested in doing this will help all who are interested, it’s good idea to change shopping Malls, I can also give tips on how to spot undercover cops who try to get you busted when your that good. Star at ringshill1974@gmail.com

  • Justin

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that you do not have to actually shoplift anything to get it for free. Last year I went into a major chain in a mall during the holidays when the store is very busy. I purchased a camera for $319 on my visa card. Right away I hid my receipt in my wallet. I went back in the store to browse a little more and got rid of the bag my camera was in. After about 20 minutes I left the store at another location away from the cashier that rang me up. Someone stopped me and asked for the receipt which I had hid and acted like I could not find it. To make this quick, I allowed the police to come and arrest me. Then I produced the receipt and the police called the store which had already found the sale by scanning the camera on the register. Too late, false arrest, lawsuit, and I settled for $74,383 and all legal costs. Not a bad payout and remember, no shoplifting took place.

  • Shoplifter

    I usually shoplift at grocery stores. Mostly food and stuff like DVD’s and videogames that doesn’t have security tags on them (which I then sell online). Don’t get greedy. Even if you can basically take as much as you please at certain stores, take only as much that if you’re caught you’ll only be charged with shoplifting and not theft. It’s better in the long run to take small amounts every day than to attempt something risky once. Because if they’re starting getting suspicious of you you’ll never be comfortable again shoplifting from that store, and that store will be wasted. Go twice a day, once in the morning when they’re busy setting up and there aren’t that many customers, and once at the end of the day when staff have changed and they’re busy closing and again there aren’t that many customers. And usually they’ll have fewer staff early and late.

    And like the article above said, don’t ever get too comfortable! The one time I’ve been caught is when I didn’t had much time and blatantly stuffed an item in my trousers in a non-safe place.

  • SirTannen


    Oh, so THATS how Justin Beiber got so rich, thanks for the advice Beiber.

  • Ky

    Just had an idea- You can purchase one thing, quickly stash it outside the store then re-enter, grab the same item (preferably an electronic in some sort of box) Then ask an employee at the electronics department to cut it open for you, while flashing them the bill. An excuse for getting the second item easily

  • Bobert

    Haha… NICE imma have to try that.

    I used to get overly cautious when shoplifting. Now I just go in, do it and bounce. I live in a small town, but we do have a 24hr Walmart which is SEVERELY understaffed after midnight. Theres like 1 cashier, 1 CSM, and maybe 10-12 stockers in random aisle at any given time. I used to work at this walmart and I know that there is NOBODY in LP there between midnight and 6am. The camera still rolls, but it all goes to a DVR, which is not being monitored late due to understaffing and if something is found, its too late cuz like the LP guy above said, They have to actually witness you getting the item, putting it in your pocket or whatever, and exit the store. I know the blind spots in the store so I’ll grab the item, go to the blindspot, put it in a pocket or elsewhere, Go to the restroom, extract said item from the packaging and make it look used then back in my pocket, trash the packaging, then leave. If questioned by the rare door greeter after midnight, I’ll simply say I couldn’t find what I was looking for. All the employees here are either college kids, or OLD people.

    So basically, even if there is suspicion, they never saw me put the item in my pocket so they cannot pursue. I’ve been successfully shoplifting small items since I was like 12 years old as a hobby really. And to stick it to those cooperate cocksuckers who have absolutely no sympathy for their employees.

    another thing u can do if ur bold and dont care about losing your job is if u work at the walmart you know how many items are left at the register or unwanted by customers, so you just put it in a box and take it to a small room behind Customer Service and put in the cubby hole assigned to the dept. it belongs in. Instead putting it in the cubby hole, I’ll hide the item on me. do it right b4 a break so you can go to your car and ditch the item. If the alarm goes off you can blame it on your unlocking mechanism they give the cashiers. this is just how my wallyworld does things and I think it is very easy to get away with shoplifting… VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!

    (Please note that you should NOT take anything I just said seriously!)

  • robbie

    If the item is worth the take, pull down on tag untill opening is big enough then repair by sewing small. hole later@Killian

  • NTY

    This was a great idea:
    When i was like 6, my mom bought me a red scooter. We went home and opened it up. It was pink. I’m pretty sure a theif took it and switched it with a cheeper priced pink one then paid for the cheeper box containing the more expensive scooter.

  • Alice

    Yeah for clothes- always wear a jacket into the dressing room and since they don’t have cameras in there, just remove the tags and put the clothes on under your regular clothes. Some stores have the number tag thing, so double your clothes by having 2 on a hanger so if u have 3 hangers, u actually will have 6 or so. Never put on too many layers because they might nothing that you look bulkier than before. Stores such as Forever 21 have people on guard constantly in the dressing room so be careful- try to get a stall near the back. They also do not allow things such as jewelry and small accessories. Just hide them in the pocket of a pair of pants ur gonna try on or hanging on the end of a hanger where sleeves will cover them. And don’t even think about shoes…

  • Alice

    Oh also, chain stores like tjmaxx and Ross have the little plastic security things and old navy has the built in tags that u need to cut off

  • Genexer1

    If you got caught leaving with items and you don’t have a receipt and the same employee who saw you come in without them sees you leave with them you’re screwed. This happened to a friend of mine just a week ago. She entered the store and didn’t realize an employee saw her with no bags. So when she left she was seen leaving with bags that had a few items. There was no way for her to explain it away. She had ro receipt and the employee who saw her leaving told the manager she saw her come in with no bags. The employee and the manager followed her out of the store and she was screwed. They also suspected she had more bags with goods in her car and she did. She also had no receipt and they were in that stores bags. She had to give all the items back because she had no receipt for those either. Her mistake was leaving the store with anything visible. If the employee hadn’t seen her leave with bags she would not have been caught and cited for shoplifting by the police. She had to pay a civil fine to the store as well as pay for the items she did not even get to keep. She also has to go to court and pay another fine. It would have been cheaper to just pay for the items. Shoplifting is just not worth it if you get caught. And you never know when you will. She had been doing this regularly for 9 months and was not caught except for once several weeks ago when she talked the old man at the exit into believign someone else had bought the items and left through antoher exit with the receipt. He was an old fool so he bought it. She was not so luck a week ago.

  • Joseph

    Here is a fun simple way to get a free soda from Wal-mart without having to pay. Wal-mart always has those soda machines at the entrance of the stores for customers walking in or out. A method I use is to walk to the vending machine and act like your placing money into it, or if you have money, actually place money into it, and make it look like your tapping on the button choice you want (cameras cant capture something as detailed as you tapping on a small button) act frustrated and walk into the store, go straight towards the customer service section, when its your turn tell the person at the counter that the machine had taken your money, she will ask you to sign a cash-back receipt, place a fake name on the receipt, and she will give you your money back, in which you can use to buy a soda

  • tyler

    hey, to justin, did the police not ask you why you didnt show your reciept when they apprhended you? thats very amusing haha,

  • the man

    woww where did you hide the bag? Would that work again?
    Imma try that when im 18

  • marcus

    so if i take a ps3 controller out of the box and put it into my pocket and walk out will the detectors go off?

  • Starvin Marvin

    Morally, I feel more comfortable with stealing food. Low wages and cost of healthy food products on the rise. Wheat, dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables prices have become extremely expensive. If someone could figure out a way to steal food that would be great. It’s justifiable. Nobody should go hungry on any given day.

  • mike

    well i’ve seen these apple earbuds for 92.99 $…. but i dont know if theirs a sensor on it or not, the store im taking from is Futureshop, but their are no barcodes, sensor etc… on the box, and i’m thinking they must be on the inside. but i wan try and cut open the packging.

  • Sam


    You sir, are a genius!

  • BDON

    Ebay makes me $2,000 a week. @ Justin, thanks for the bullshit input. You’re not followed for arrest until you leave the side walk. Your have to be otherside the fucking store! Swapping bar codes is prime game. I travel state to state. Hotel to hotel. Day to day. Turning two hundred into twelve hundred each day. So walk out hiding it… Or pay 5% for it? Fooling everyone. FYI look and dress well. Not like a fucking job interview. Just look like cash instead of trash. I love it when people attend this lifestyle. When you fail you’re strategy becomes a logistic. And becomes renouned to clerks and workers for, “what to look for.” When i’ll carry on a friendly conversation with every employee. Be someone that people notice in a good way. They’ll never suspect you. Be Joe Dirt, and you’re fucked. Thanks to scanners printers and photoshoping for making me avergae weekly incomes within 6 hours.

  • Chris

    my tecnique is to plan my exit before going into the store, know exactly what im going in to get, go straight to the item, appear to be deciding if its what i want while observing customers and employees around me. not taking too long (Quick in and out is the key) walk straight toward the exit, and walk out (usually without concealment). Security or employees CANNOT touch you (and arn’t about to risk physical threat). As i walk out the door, i listen for anyone telling me to stop as my signal to run. This has only happened once out of thousands of times- and when the guy who worked there said “sir, stop sir, you with the 8-pack of monster in your hand, stop!” i just kept going.

    It takes police at least 20 minutes to arrive to a shoplifting call.

    After im around the corner, i throw another color t-shirt on over my clothes, and a different color hat so that the description of the suspect for police doesnt match me.

    the key for me is going in, getting the target, and getting out. Usually Im out the door before anyone can realize what just happened and consult with another employee about what should be done.

    Concealment increases the risk by allowing store security or employees to notice you, and by not concealing you can make it very close to the point of no return (The doors) before you’ve done anything suspicious, and by the time they realize what you just did, they have to decide how to react, and by then youre already outside disappearing around a corner. Hope running is part of your job description!

  • Brittany

    Can you steal aerosol cans, without the detectors going off even after you take the stickers off.

  • Youra Fool

    “Another commonly used technique is to take an empty bag from the same store with a receipt in it for previously paid for items and then nick the same stuff, which gives you the perfect alibi.”

    Yeah, cause they won’t check the date/time on the receipt, after reading that, I stopped, knowing you are just another lifeless goof…

  • John doe

    This article is fucking ridiculous. The more time you are in the store the more likely you will get caught. Having a place to dump and collect things? Get real. And what are you stealing that fits in your jeans? Gum? Here’s how I do it, and I’ve been doing it for 10 years. Walk in to a dept store. Head directly to the section you would normally shop. Find a mid range price display by a popular brand, less likely to have security tags. Pick up 3-4 items, folded shirts work best (I aim for $60-90 per). Walk briskly but not quickly to nearest door. As you turn to walk out put shit under coat in quick smooth motion. Even if a person is right next to you they won’t even notice. Remember no one gives a shit. Drive to next mall and go to same store and return items for gift cards. Pawn gift cards. Congrats you just made $100-200 in an hour. The person who wrote this is one of those people who pretends they are James Bond while they steal a DVD. When you are stealing you are not James Bond. You are a criminal. Take what you fucking want and get out of there fast. Never talk to anyone ever. Never hide. Never look for cameras. Always be fast. If you can do it in under 5 minutes no one will even know you were in there. And unless the store is closed you can’t be charged with burglary. You will be charged with petit larceny. Unless you fight back. NEVER fight back. If you fight or break anything it is now a robbery and your appearance ticket just became a bullet in county. To recap: Get in. Take the shit. Get out. Don’t fight. Be fast and smooth. And don’t listen to the wannabe who wrote this article. Double back? Dude. You are shitting me right? You double back. I’m getting the hell outta here with my loot.

  • john berger

    security tags aint shit ,they are there on mostly the expensive items,but heres how to get past that,those plastic peices are cheap and easy to snap,really easy if this dont work then take a pair of pliers or a sharp knife and cut it off,once its off stick it into a pocket of a shirt or pants and go on your way its that easy,i do it all the time.

  • john berger

    here is my method of shoplifting,i take a bag ,one with handles on it with deep pockets,then i lace the inside with aluminum foil all the way around. make sure that you use tape for this.if the item has alarms in it ,i promise you it will not go off.whatever those sensors are made of ,they are powerless when it comes to the foil game ,you can steal the most expensive items and not get caught ,i do it all the time.i know it works first hand.it is so easy that i dot get nervous or nothing.just give this a try and i promise you it will work

  • Mike ORD

    Dude i heard that magnets, neodymuim magnets…
    u can take off security tags, but what i want to know is if the magnets activate the alarms…

  • becka

    shoplifting is pathetic, but thanks to the website i now know what to watch for in people to catch them…plus once you get caught good luck ever getting a job again..

  • matt

    I love this. I’ve been wanting to write a guide also but never actually done it. I agree with everything in this and these techniques are how I manage to steal.

  • Demetro

    @Justin if you really did that!. I tip my hat off to you, but if you paid with A cc. Then all you have to do is just say your name and they’ll find your purchase

  • Demetro

    And another thing. Why are you people exposing all this, it’s only gonna make the merchants wiser!!

  • Michelle

    what I like to do is, since I’m a girl is conceal cosmetics under a big bag of cat litter;(I’ve got cats). And I always put the scan code upwards so it faces the cat litter, which hides it when I walk out the store and doesn’t set off the alarms. I haven’t been caught. Though the last time I looked nervous and I was jumpy, but no one paid attention to me, so that’s good. I always shop with my dad who buys lots of stuff at walmart. I should try the underwear thing, but have to warn other ladies that you can’t try on bras anymore. Something an employee told me about when I wanted to try on a wireless bra, that it’s a health hazard or something nowadays.. bummer..

  • Jordan

    @Justin I don’t get what you did…

    @cameraghost So as long as we don’t cut the spider it is okay? Like I can steal a cell phone that has one on it that easy?

  • susana

    Ok so my friend got caught taking a sweater for 248.00 this is in va which means its grand larceny a felony she asked me to post bail but didn’t have money so parents bailed her out and I picked her up and she told me she originally took sweater from Saks than went to neiman saw same sweater there didn’t think much of it, tried on some other clothes and she left because there was nothing that interested her at the store. She was at the parking lot and lp followed her out she told them it was her clothes and they made her go inside female lp made her take off clothes or shell go to jail so I guess she got scared took of jacket and lp started looking and feeling what she was wearing and kept asking her where’s tags for original clothes she was wearing she told them it was hers. She offered to pay they said they had to follow rules and called cops and rest is history any advice for her? I feel bad they mistreated her but you cant expect courtesy from lp people and at the end of the day she did end up stealing just not from store she got caught

  • Security

    This is a complete joke. If you get caught, no amount of crying and snivelling will get security to let you go. My advice is to.NOT steal- karma is a mother and she will bite you in the butt.

  • James

    are you fucking joking me? wow thats hectic

  • Sam

    I laughed so much when reading this, it took me back to my teen years, stealing makeup, candy, what i used to do with the sensors on the clothes was poke the hole with a bobby pin, and it would go off. i would also be all smiles and dropping my pennies with the male employees at the register making them keep their eyes on me and not on the unpaid items i was bagging. I got busted when bagging jewelry in all the pockets i could find,and i had like $500 worth on rings and shit, but didnt realize LP was already on my ass. io guess i spent too much time in that one particular place.

  • Babe

    I used to steal a lot when I was younger and had a lot of experience and now I work as a Loss Prevention officer. I don’t steal anymore but it is a lot easier for me to prevent shoplifters from stealing. You can tell the way they dress is not right, body language, always carrying big bags, or randomly cary an item that they didn’t walk in with and try to walk away or return it,going straight to the most expensive items when walking in the store. Shoplifters make eye contact a lot when they are attempting to steal or they look nervous when you acknowledge them. After a shoplifter leave the department, you’ll start to notice that they hid or left empty packages, hangers, or defeated hard tags. Beware some Loss Prevention Officers do not forget faces and now have to have experience with register in order to look at customers and associates receipt for internal and external theft. I agree with #21, some of these things will not be successful.

  • kristen harper

    i guess you can do all of these things. and i guess you can keep telling yourself you’re just ‘sticking it to the big corporations’. but- you are all just stealing. plain and simple. and, the stores- corner or large stores like walmart- are manned and were started by hard working people who take hits by people, such as yourselves, who think it’s okay to steal simply because you have less money than most. rationalize all you want. it’s still wrong. and to post an article that explains how to do this is ridiculous. especially considering the target market here.

  • Jyo mama

    Would you be arrested if you get caught but run from the LP or whoever caught you?

  • Austin

    I used to work at a privately owned grocery store and catching shoplifters was the most fun I ever had while working there. I only wonder who got more of a thrill: the shoplifter or me. I would call the cops just about every time. We weren’t some corporation and shoplifting really hurt us, as it does with most small businesses so show some mercy.

    Anyway, one method we used to catch shoplifters, was to predict when they would be back and we would wait for them. Example: If a shoplifter successfully stole something at 4pm on a Friday, then we would wait for them from about 2pm to 6pm the next Friday. The reason we knew they would come back is because most shoplifters are superstitious. If it worked the first time they did it, then they’re probably going to do it under the same conditions next time they attempt to shoplift.

  • Carl Sandburger

    Stealing is not “capitalism.” That is a misunderstanding of capitalism. Capitalism thrives on VOLUNTARY transactions. You have a pen. I have a dollar. I give you the dollar. You give me the pen. I wanted the pen more than the dollar. You wanted the dollar more than the pen. VOLUNTARY. Capitalism is NOT “getting whatever you can however you can get it.”

  • Doug H

    To the guy who mentioned scratching off the code on the wal-mart gift card, arent they (like all nowadays) no good unless activated at a register? So what good is that? Unless im missing something

  • Doug H

    For the guy who mentioned writing the codes down from the wal mart gift cards..dont they need to be activated at the register? So wouldnt that be useless? Or am I missing something

  • Amber

    WOW!!! That is amazing! I never in my life even thought of that. Bravo friend! I hope you had a ball with that pay out!

  • Black Virus(this black guy)

    Love this article but btw what abut security tags/ been in the game for years, owe stores hundreds of dollars but never took something w/ a security tag(any tips).

  • christina

    you dont steal those ones, derp.

  • melody

    @Killian well this is crazy the stores are allowed to put video in the dressing rooms watching people getting naked and trying on cloths aint that nothing that should be illgeal just like they are peeping toms but it is very wrong to steal and very embarrassing when u get caught

  • Zoltan

    One idea for stealing a bike:
    Go into walmart and pick a bike. Take a sheet of paper, write your name, pickup date as the day before, and already payed for.
    Then you just walk out the store, even if they stop you they will be to lazy to check it and just believe that you bought it the day before. Its also good to have a walmart bag with you.
    I did this and noone gave me a second glance

  • Zoltan

    Oh, sorry, i forgot to say that you tape the sheet of paper over the seat of the bike with shippingntape or any other strong clear tape

  • mitu

    can the two towers on the entrance of shops detect a magnet if i take it in? please let me know

  • anna

    I was shoplifting at jewel couple days ago. today I went there and I notice one of the employee was fallowing me. I paid for my groceries using credit card and left ( I didnt take anything with me today) One of the employees fallowed me with the camera I believe she wanted to take a picture of my plates. I notice that so turn the other direction and went home. What now? Can they charge me based on shoplifting from week ago? They didnt caught me or anything, but I believe they might see me week before or so thats why I was watched today. Now they have my credit card number… I dont know what to expect?

  • John

    Well looks like this here site was designed by a bunch a niggers for niggers dont ya think?

  • Allison

    This is the most brilliant idea I’ve ever heard. I really want to try this. Do you have any further tips to ensure success at the lawsuit?

  • Kamina

    Be wary of security tags that are hidden on the inside of an item. I set off the alarms the other day but still got out fine, and when I got home I found there was a security strip on the inside of the package.
    After some thought I’ve found this is preventable, bring a strong magnet with you and wave it around package and you will feel the attraction to a security strip if there’s one there.

  • John

    I just jacked a Zippo from Walmart, didn’t even think about it, it just happened.

  • hahahahaha

    You are all turds lol. I pray that I get the oppurtunity to catch all of you, and witness the look of shock when I confront you. Also the company I work for is completely hands on, so we will go balls to the wall if you run or fight :) Good luck continuing your dirt bag ways. I look forward to the day I get to meet some of you.

  • Emmers

    Grab a comforter set and stash things in it. You can get a whole set of stuff for it. Return the set at a later date… Also the plastic security tags on clothes, ya know the bulky ones like at Burlington coat factory… Use a rubber band. It’ll snap right off

  • Mia

    So.. I’ve vaguely considered what Justin above said he did, only wasn’t sure if it wold work. If you think about it having everyone now who struggles with shoplifting rise up and sue the crap out of department stores would be a much better and more legal way of getting back at over charging superstores as well as help those in dire need of financial help (if that is their motivation for shoplifting… I suppose it may not help an addict or be the moral thing to do for some. I have been struggling with shoplifting since high school and feel trapped in a vicious circle of self hate, fear (BELIEVE ME, I’m suffering from anxiety attacks and DO NOT want to risk my child’s safety any longer or like what I am doing. I just honestly CAN NOT make it financially without shoplifting. I mostly just do it for food! And try to go to food banks and have been using food stamps instead if able- there is a lot more to my story; please don’t judge) and desperate emotional and financial need for years. Was caught, and am still terrified of being caught every time (which only increases my need to stay calm and be smart about it). But I know it is not a solution and need to find a way out. And I’m sorry but going to school fully time and taking care of my family leaves little time to work, and the little money I do make barely covers food and gas expenses (not to mention insurance, phone, cloths, diapers, food, etc.)I was caught shoplifting once before, though I went through a deferment program and escaped without a listed “conviction.” It’s been a year so according to my knowledge the charge should have dropped off completely. My question is would I still be able to win a lawsuit for false arrest with having been once “charged” if not convicted…? I would think with luck, and the right mental approach Justin’s above story could be my “solution??” Opinions anyone?

  • JP

    I think the best place to shoplift from is Nordstrom. Most of the larger stores don’t have sensor towers so the little tags are pointless. Most LP agents are scared of arresting someone that conceals in the fitting room.

    You can even return the stolen merchandise afterwards for cash. Just give them a good story and they’ll take it back.

    If you get caught, just make sure you don’t steal over the felony amount and you should be alright.

    Happy shoplifting. Please ask if you have questions!


  • Lee

    I was at one of those self-serve checkouts which you find at a lot of supermarkets these days and had put through a fair few expensive things in a checkout bag and had not paid for them. i scanned cheap small things to cover the barcodes of the expensive stuff instead to to make it seem legit to the cameras. When the girl assisting on checkout came over to help me she noticed that the amount on screen did not match the items I had already put in my check out bags and when asked I replied “sorry I’m new to this kind of technology, I must of forgot to scan”. At this point she reset my machine and watched me start scanning from the start. At this point I knew she was on to me so after a couple of minutes of scanning some items, I walked out of the store without continuing the transaction. Even though the store person knew what was going on, could this have any grounds for theft or burglary? I didn’t leave the stores with any items whatsoever and pleaded ignorance when confronted initially. Will they check cameras and give my picture to police etc?

  • Chris

    What a bunch of cheap bastards you are. Are you all beggars?

  • Chris

    @ Justin. You’d better watch your back. That sort of behaviour deserves an unpleasant karmic response.

  • missy

    I have a question, i already returned some items i bought with a receipt but the cashier didnt scratch off the items and she returned the receipt to me. Can i go back in the store nab the same items and return it again uding the same original receipt?

  • Hmmmm

    I work in retail and we are all fed up with shoplifters. There’s nothing revolutionary about it and in no way can it be justified. Stealing for reasons of greed (which is all I’ve read about on this page) is worse than the greed that comes from the people at the top since they at least have had to work very hard and be very smart to get where they are. You guys are pathetic and should be ashamed but you have zero moral compass and likely will have smart ass replies to what I have written. Fortunately I won’t be coming back to this garbage site to read them.

  • RIP


    That is the best one i have heard of…lol :)
    was it difficult to find an attorney to represent you? &
    how long before you were settled out?

  • anonnymooseone

    I see why you got fired as a Loss Prevention Associate. You are DEAD WRONG on nearly everything you said; therefore, you’re a shitty LP.

  • anonnymooseone

    What a lowlife. Get on welfare like other losers. Also, the LP did not see you steal it, so a good one wouldn’t have stopped you. I don’t believe you.

  • sneakyJ

    @ genexer1
    Doesn’t make sense at all the way u explained what happened to your friend. You said “when entering the store, the employee noticed she had no bags,” when does anyone enter a store with bags? You purchase items, they are then bagged, and you leave the store with bags.I haven’t seen anyone, unless they recycle, or use fabric bags enter a store with bags.. @Justin, plain bs! To all the people who bought that story are ignoramuses plain and simple! If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! To the buttholes who find it immoral to steal from big corps (walmart), walmart steals from their own employees all the time. Yes when it first opened up so many yrs ago, the intentions were probably good ones. Now, they secretly delete hard working employees overtime hrs, they pay their chinese (in china) factory laborers a few dollars a day for 12 hr shifts.Their employees are paid so little, not enough to live off of, they also encourage/support government asstistance and to top it off, they get their money back, because all of their employees can’t afford to shop anywhere else!

  • mikoto karr

    Definitely the trick is to be swift and vigilant. My mate uses a trick that involves alarm gates but no cameras, as is the setup in many shops these days. The catch is that you need about 5 old security tags of which he got from his dad somehow.

    He walks into the shop and the alarms go off, cos of the tags he is carrying, the cashiers look up but think nothing of it as he is coming in not leaving. He begins to browse the stuff and when he sees someone leaving he puts the tag down and slides it through the gates and out of sight, the cashiers check the bags but find nothing. He does this 3 more times until he only has one tag left. He moves around each time he slides out a tag. Then he fills his bag full of stuff and , ready to leave, and slides out the last tag.

    This time the cashiers don’t look up, he then walks out with the stuff , the alarms go off but nobody cares. I don’t know why people worry about dordling in shops, bored teens do it all the time in my home town and its pretty much the norm.

    I call that method the crying wolf method by the way 😀

    I don’t endorse stealing by the way, I stole some shit once and got away with it but the next day I got an F in a test……. karma’s a bitch.

  • vikki

    Very interesting article. I’ve never shop lifted before, but some of the tricks mentioned in both the article and comment section are very clever! I still feel like it’s very risky, and sheer luck to not get caught. I also would be too scared to steal anything other than clothes, it seems like most electronic devices and more expensive items these days have some form of security strip, censor, etc on them. Clothing although seems like a very easy item to steal. Most stores assign a number to you when you go into the dressing room, but I’ve never had anyone ever count how many items I had. It would be easy to take 7 hangers and say you had 6 (if you don’t want to fiddle with putting multiple items on a hanger that is.) If the person even bothers to count, you simply say you miscounted. And there are plenty of stores like JCPenny, Sears, etc who don’t have anyone at the dressing rooms. You’d walk in, stuff some clothes in your bag, and leave.

  • Sly fox

    So I’ve been stealing for the longest time, I don’t look like I steal and I’m very good at it. I usually go into Bloomingdales, grab a bunch of clothes, go to the fitting room take off the tags/sensor and put in the pocket of pants or something and steal whatever I have to steal. However, one day I did this same thing it’s almost a procedure, I did this at a different Bloomingdales and as I was walking out of the store an LP walked out at the same time as me, and the alarm went off…I went straight to my car and he followed me and I just gave him all the clothes I had stolen and I basically made him promise not to call the police and he didnt as long as I never came back to the store again. So my question is, how did the alarm go off? I’m thinking he set it off….also, could I have just gotten away since I did all of this in the fitting room???

  • bb

    Home Depot is insanely easy to steal from. I worked there for 7 years. They do not have enough loss prevention, so they’ll usually go from store to store in their district. one store on Monday different store on Tuesday and so on. They have to physically see you take the items, in person; not on camera. Basically if you are in an aisle by yourself you can do whatever you want. If they see you on camera they’ll run out and follow you around and they will go out and get your plate numbers if they don’t lose interest. Also Home Depot store employees cannot do a damn thing, people would steal stuff right in front of me and if I said or did anything besides “excellent customer service” I would be fired. Return policy has changed though, it now tracks by your license number, after so many returns for store credit you’re flagged and get a warning (in all stores) then the next time you’re denied all returns (without a receipt) and for a few months. This is in Ct. I don’t know about other Depots in other states. I’ve seen people walk out with $800 generators. Pricey small items are in plumbing and are the most watched, so stay away from that unless you are absolutely sure there is no one in the aisle or hiding around the corner watching you. Also fuck Home Depot I was their top employee and was fired the same day as 13 other associates all for unrelated utter nonsense! So please enjoy and remember the return policy you’re better off selling on eBay or bulk on Craigslist. Also they will give you cash back on any return under $50 they wont tell you this but if you ask for it they’ll call a manager up for a code, he’ll give you some bullshit speech then give you the money. One more thing..(until you get denied after i think its 3-4 non receipted returns) the managers cannot deny your return if they do and you say you’ll call corporate they will return it. They are literally not allowed to say no unless previously denied like I mentioned or you get the rare rogue manager who is on a power trip.

  • BobDylan

    You guys are hilarious. I work loss prevention now and caught someone today. If the loss prevention guy knows his stuff like I do you will not get away with anything. Shoplifting is pathetic and says that you are either 1)lazy and do not want to work to get what you want or 2)want a thrill (which if you want one join the army like I did).

  • Rob

    @justin, I did that same thing except I bought a flash drive at Best Buy then put it in my pocket and went to Wally World. I made sure they did not see me take it out if my pocket but DID make sure they saw me put it in. I was acting like I was comparing. As I was leaving they stopped me. I acted dumb and told them to call the police in which they refused. I called them and when they got there I said I wanted a complete report. I then pulled out the drive and my receipt. I sued them but only got 18,000 and my costs. But it was very easy once I got the nerve, lol. So anyway, thanks for the idea.

  • felix

    I used to shoplift all the time when I was a kid. Might even pick it back up after I retire. Really, the only way you can get caught is if you spend time in the store. The best way to do it is scope out the store days beforehand, decide what you want, then go back a couple days later, walk straight to the item and stick it in your pants, and just walk straight out. Never spend more than five minutes in the store and njo one will even know you were there. If anything looks out of the ordinary, just abort and go home. I never even got stopped by security but was always planning just to haul ass if they did. Of course back in the 80’s they never had the electronic sensors so that is something you now have to contend with. I used to do the return game sometimes, but I figure nowadays that is how they would eventualy be able to track you It would seem alot safer to sell on ebay or craigslist, or just steal what you personally need.

  • Loss prevention = LOSERS

    Haha! I’ve read all the comments, and I’m completely in tears laughing at the loss prevention officers. Haha! They have no idea about the big picture and who they’re working for. The “army” guy?! You fckn kidding me?! A minimum wage rat job is all you can find?

    Also, potential shoplifting readers need not fret. These clowns have such an ego (see above posts) that it drastically hinders their ability to do anything of any importance, hence the low-level security jobs that they feel so compelled to brag about. I especially love the “we are hands on in our store comment” Sure, its.probably a lie, but I’d LOVE to pretend like I am shoplifting there, big time. Not for the lawsuits, but for the ass kicking.

    I’m an amateur at shoplifting, but do to unforeseen circumstances I’ll be hammering a few of these corporate crooks for groceries. Just going to get in and get out, seems like the best bet. Oh, almost forgot, I’ll be sure to grab a hand sized glass bottle in case I need to defend myself.
    Peace to all.

  • cristen

    Shoplifters are parasites in society. Get a job! Live within your means. Don’t be scum. Shoplifters make me sick.

  • ninjaste

    @ slyfox. Yes you could have. All you had to do was rewalk thru the alarm by yourself. And prove you did set it off. Also what I like to do is carry around a strip that sets the alarms off. Then leave out the same door I came in. the person usually remembers that I set it off when I came in and doesn’t care

  • Big Dong

    If you shoplift from Walmart, then go straight to the beauty/makeup section and grab a pair of those small mustache scissors. It only take about 5 seconds to rip it open and slide these small scissors into your pocket. This will come in very handy when getting your product out of it’s wrap. A couple cut here and couple there, and wallah.

    The best time to shoplift from Walmart is late a night, anywhere from 1am-4am. This is a good time because you can use your ears to hear if someone is approaching. You also want to find a blind spot (no cameras) that’s in a corner if possible. This way there will only be one or two ways for someone to approach. Try out in the garden area where they sell the fertilzers (not outside), or try the auto parts section. You can find corners here.

    Always have a place to ditch and something else to gravitate to in case someone does sneaks up. Like open a gap in some merchandise that you can drop the half-opened product into and cover back up. You don’t want to be a deer in the headlights, just standing there stupid.

    Try to slide empty boxes on the floor UNDER the shelves. It’ll take forever for them to find this.

    And if you ever suspect anything, then dump the items in a safe blind spot. Don’t risk shit.

  • nick

    If you shoplift from wal-mart I consider you a fool, they have a flat zero tolerance like target which targets minorities and entraps them in the system and I’m white but its fact. Always pick a convenience store or a CVS/walgreens which will only trespass warn and not charge unless over said amount like 20$, take only what you need clothes exp. Clothes important because it throws off everyone incl. Lp when dressed nicely, Never look up at cameras they’re trained to notice it, locate/use blind spots, do Not walk fast out the door its a red flag and if sunglasses are necessary remove em on occasion, you have nothing to lose if you know the store won’t charge you or call the police only say get out and don’t come back, and often you can ride these stores for a while, but buy or ask for lottery winners on the way out and display it in your hands at a supermarket so lp sees you have a purpose for going in and not buying anything.

  • keith richards

    One time when i worked at kroger,I knew they had no security.So I told everyone i was moving and needed some of the sturdy diaper boxes and the boxes the egg cartons come in.I was alone in the back and so I filled the boxes with case after case of beer.There was one manager working up front,so I had a friend of mine call the office and distract the manager,as i just rolled 30 cases of beer out the door lol.I used one of the four wheeler carts we used to stock groceries.It was kind of heavy but it was late at night so no one noticed.I did the same thing with kegs at wal mart many times.I stayed drunk every night for a month,for free,But on to bigger and better things,tomorrow.One wal mart here consistently leaves gold and silver jewelry sitting out.I guess they get it out for customers to try on or look at and forget to put it back right away.At least twice a week it sits out.I was laid off from my job,Busted my butt for years at that job and they were posting record profits when they got rid of all of us,was getting married and buying a house.wasted all those years when i could have been stealing the whole time.Take what you want.Thats what our founding fathers of this country did.Thats why we’re here.because we stole it from the native americans.we stole lied killed and cheated them.I for one am going to carry on the american tradition

  • Jake Ellenberger

    Hey Everyone this article is old outdated. I work security at Target and shoplifters do get persecuted if they get CAUGHT, that’s the key word people don’t understand. I recommend that you stop lifting. If you get caught this will be on your record for life. Good Luck finding a job. Its now 2013 and the world hasn’t end with new technology and cameras now it is easier to spot shop lifters. BTW we are hired to post fake ways to shop lift just so it makes it easier for us to catch you guys.

  • bill smith

    best thing is not to shoplift

  • Rob


    But there is still NOTHING you can do when someone brings something from another in with them and causes a bad stop. Very easy and profitable lawsuit.

  • Rob


    But there is still NOTHING you can do when someone brings something from another store in with them and pretends to shoplift and causes a bad stop. Very easy and profitable lawsuit for the accused.

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