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UPSetting: UPS Postal Scam

After receiving a complaint from a concerned reader, I have amended the following to this article (and same obviously goes for everything else on this site):

As per the First Amendment, we are within our rights to publish articles on topics that have the potential to offend. It is of course not our goal, but as with any perspective, there are supporters and opponents. This article fits within our crime & theft category because it deals with, erm, a crime. And yes, this crime does go on.

The purpose of this article is to illustrate the method this crime is committed, so one may be aware of it, just like other titles that fall within this area of our website:

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Free speech is a popular topic within the press and free media, and thankfully, for those that with to understand and prepare against criminal activity, it’s not illegal (yet?).

That being said, this article and website is strictly for the purposes of crime prevention and informational use only. The author, webmaster or web host do not stand behind it’s accuracy,

Introduction: First, we would like to define the term “UPSetting”. UPSetting is a form of thievery that originally involved the United Parcel Service. UPSetting can be more appropriately called UPS Postal Scam.

Now on to the art of UPSetting…

What the criminal do is try and find a UPS or Federal Express truck. (I’ll explain more on FedEx later.) The best time a criminal might go UPSetting is probably between the hours of 10:00am to 3:00pm during the Christmas rush, excluding lunch time for obvious reasons. The criminal will start following the truck, making sure they don’t get too close and that the driver does not see them. They will stay at least one or two blocks away from it. When it stops, they stop. The criminal will pay close attention to which house it’s delivering to. After it has left, they will wait for about thirty seconds and then make a drive-by.

If they don’t see a package near or around the front porch, one of two things happened.

(1)The package wasn’t dropped off, or (2)the residents were home and received the package. If the latter happened, the criminal will continue to follow the truck. If they drive by and see a package sitting there, they will forget about following the truck and follow the next procedure.

Snagging the package…

After they drive by the first time, they will drive by once again and take a closer look at the house containing the package. Any neighbors that may be outside or looking out their window and any traffic that may be coming down the street are things they’ll watch for. If everything is clear, they’ll drive up casually to the house and take a couple of last-minute looks around. The criminal will Ready the location that they have already designated as the place that you’re going to put the package and walk up to the front porch. If they feel it’s necessary,they’ll knock on the door first. They’ll then pick up the package, throw it in the car, and take off, making sure that no one has seen what they’ve done. If it is a small package and they feel like picking up some more, they’ll continue to follow the UPS truck, snagging packages as the opportunity arises. If not, they’ll take the package to a place where they can open it without problems. The criminal will open it and see what they got…. If they lucky they might get a 9600 baud modem or something.

Following Fed Express…

Following Fed Express is just as easy. However, getting packages is harder since they don’t usually leave packages as often as UPS. The package is usually worth more, although not all the time. The criminal will just follow the same UPS instructions and they’ll end up with some packages too. UPS will give them more packages but Fed Exp. will generally get them the more quality packages. This was created to help you protect yourself against UPSetting.

UPSetting: UPS Postal Scam is Intended for information only.

We do not encourage doing the things mentioned here and are not responsible for anything in any matter or way.

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