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How to Make Weapons

How to Make Weapons

A weapon is generally considered to be any instrument used in fighting, hunting, attack, or self defense.

It should be noted that weapons can be as plain as a stone or baton, or a little more advanced, such as, a pistol that would inflict harm on one person, or as complex as a rocket launcher or ballistic missile that can inflict harm on many people.

Combat was initially referred as an armed conflict between two military forces in warfare, but now the terms ‘combat’ and ‘fighting’ are taken as one, and hence the general definition of Combat is: The act of fighting any contest or violent conflict with the purpose to establish supremacy over the opposing party.

Weapons and Combat are closely related for the reason that typically, combat is mostly done with the use of weapons. There also can be combat without weapons, generally referred to as: Unarmed Combat.

There is another form of combat, known close combat, where the opponents fight at a close range as opposed to fighting from a distance. During this type of fight, hand to hand combat weapons are used or no weapons are used. Usually considered the best combat weapons are a sword, knife, baton or tomahawk.

Weapons need not be hard to obtain when you can make your own homemade weapons. This category you will find a lot of exclusive and interesting information on improvised and homemade weapons and combat. Including information on how to make weapons, for both individual combat and close combat.

Also more exotic weapons, such as; blow darts; explosive pens; launchers and much more!

Assault Rifles for Survival Use

During hard times you will need to keep yourself protected from any type of attack and to keep yourself alive you should always have Assault Rifles For Survival Use. The Assault rifles will facilitate you to protect yourself and your family. This report provides information on different types of Assault rifles and provides minute details on each firearm. ...

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Pipe Cannon Plans

A simple cannon can be made from a thick pipe by almost anyone. The only difficult part is finding a pipe that is extremely smooth on its interior. This is absolutely necessary; otherwise, the projectile may jam. ...

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The AK-47 Assault Rifle

Here is the rifle that launched a thousand anti-gun bills in the United States, the famous AK-47 assault rifle. Take a good look at it. The versions in the U.S. are semiautomatic, a technology that has been around since before the turn of the century. ...

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ALCU and Guns

ALCU and Guns discusses the points made by the ALCU on Gun Control and ways in which constitution being trampled by Government's zest on going after 'illegal' guns and 'illegal' gun owners. ...

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Nicotine is very poisonous substance found in tobacco and can be found anywhere without difficulty. A small amount of Nicotine can be lethal for anyone. Here you will find instructions to formulate Nicotine -- ...

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Home-brew Blast Cannon

Would you like to learn to build a Blast Cannon on your own? Read on as here you will get complete plans and instructions to build a Home-brew Blast Cannon with this easy to follow guide. ...

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Would you like to know how blow-guns are assembled? Learn how to make a blowgun and ammo in form of darts out of common materials. No experience needed! ...

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Mercinary Today Guns

Mercinary Today Guns provides brief introduction on guns, tips on choosing the correct gun for you, statistics on various handguns. Furthermore you will also read about making connection with the right people to get these firearms. Read on! ...

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How To Build a .22

Would you like to learn How To Build a .22 Zip Gun? This complete guide takes the reader from start to finish. Learn How To Build an original style, safe and easy to operate .22 zip gun with this easy to follow guide. ...

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The Meythal Hydrate Cannon

In this article you will acquire knowledge on construction of improvised Meythal Hydrate Cannon. Read how a Cannon is built by using Methanol or Meythal Hydrate in this straightforward guide. This Cannon can be used as mortar, or a bazooka, depending upon the target. ...

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Additional instructions for Soft Drink Can Launcher

This is a very short "mortar" constructed for the express purpose of ``launching soft drink cans straight up into the air. It is crude, prone to ``rupture during use, and consumes rather inordinate amounts of Pyrodex. ``But it sure is fun, and it makes an incredible amount of noise when it ``goes off! ...

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The Tennisball Canon

The main purpose of The Tennisball Canon is to shoot a tennisball as high into the sky as possible and can be a lot of fun to mess with. Here we show you a moderately safe way to build one ! ...

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Tennis ball mortar

This article teaches the novice how to build a powerful Tennis Ball Mortar from scratch. No building experience is necessary. You will find the complete plans for building your own Tennis Ball Mortar here. ...

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