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Alttitude Prediction For Explosive Missiles

Depending on the strength of the engine, the wind condition and how heavy the explosive is will determine how high your rocket will travel. I will give you examples of how high the engines will go with an explosive. I do not know how high it will go with a very heavy Explosive so you can figure it out by using these. This is only thier burnout Altitude. They will coast LONG after this.

1/4A3.4 oz.21 feet
1/4A3.6 oz.17 1/2 feet
1/4A3.8 oz.10 feet
1/4A31.0 oz.8 feet
1/4A31.2 oz.6 1/2 feet
1/4A31.4 oz.5 1/2 feet
1/4A31.6 oz.4 1/2 feet
1/4A31.8 oz.4 feet
1/4A32.0 oz.3 1/2 feet
1/4A32.2 oz.3 feet
1/4A32.4 oz.2 ft. 6 inch.
1/4A32.6 oz.2 ft. 4 inch.
1/2A6.6 oz.25 feet
1/2A6.8 oz.17 feet
1/2A61.0 oz.14 feet
1/2A61.2 oz.13 feet
1/2A61.4 oz.10 feet
1/2A61.6 oz.8 3/4 feet
1/2A61.8 oz.7 3/4 feet
1/2A62.0 oz.6 3/4 feet
1/2A62.2 oz.6 feet
1/2A62.6 oz.5 feet
1/2A63.0 oz.4 1/2 feet
1/2A63.5 oz.3 1/2 feet
1/2A64.0 oz.3 feet
A5.6 oz.120 feet

0.8 oz.

90 feet
A51.0 oz.70 feet
A51.2 oz.55 feet
A51.4 oz.48 feet
A51.6 oz.42 feet
A52.0 oz.32 feet
A52.5 oz.25 feet
A53.0 oz.20 feet
A53.6 oz16 3/4 feet
A8.6 oz.113 feet
A8.8 oz.82 feet
A81.0 oz.65 feet
A81.2 oz.53 feet
A81.4 oz.44 feet
A81.6 oz.37 feet
A81.8 oz.33 feet
A82.0 oz.30 feet
A82.2 oz.26 feet
A82.6 oz.22 1/2 feet
A83.0 oz.18 1/4 feet
A83.5 oz.15 feet
A84.0 oz.13 feet
B4.8 oz.485 feet
B41.0 oz.360 feet
B41.2 oz.296 feet
B41.4 oz.245 feet
B41.6 oz.210 feet
B41.8 oz.175 feet
B42.2 oz.145 feet
B42.6 oz.113 feet
B43.0 oz.100 feet
B43.5 oz.80 feet
B44.0 oz.67 1/2 feet
B44.5 oz.55 feet
B6.6 oz.485 feet
B6.8 oz.325 feet
B61.0 oz.252 feet
B61.2 oz.200 feet
B61.4 oz.170 feet
B61.6 oz.150 feet
B61.8 oz.132 feet
B62.2 oz.115 feet
B62.6 oz.87 feet
B63.0 oz.73 feet
B63.5 oz.60 feet
B64.0 oz.50 feet
B64.6 oz.43 feet
B14.8 oz.150 feet
B141.0 oz.125 feet
B141.2 oz.97 feet
B141.4 oz.81 feet
B141.6 oz.69 feet
B141.8 oz.61 feet
B142.0 oz.56 feet
B142.4 oz.46 feet
B142.8 oz.37 feet
B143.2 oz.33 feet
B143.6 oz.28 feet
B144.0 oz.25 feet
B145.0 oz.20 feet
B146.0 oz.16 feet
B147.0 oz.13 feet
C6.8 oz1400 feet
C61.0 oz.1150 feet
C61.2 oz.850 feet
C61.4 oz.715 feet
C61.6 oz.607 feet
C62.0 oz.475 feet
C62.4 oz.390 feet
C62.8 oz.325 feet
C63.2 oz.275 feet
C63.6 oz.240 feet
C64.0 oz.210 feet
C65.0 oz.150 feet
C66.0 oz.125 feet
D121.0 oz.2100 feet
D121.2 oz.1600 feet
D121.4 oz.1400 feet
D121.6 oz.1100 feet
D122.0 oz.850 feet
D122.4 oz.700 feet
D123.0 oz.530 feet
D124.0 0z.380 feet
D125.0 oz.300 feet
D126.0 oz.240 feet
D127.0 oz.200 feet
D128.0 oz.160 feet
D129.0 oz.145 feet
D1210.0 oz.130 feet
D1211.0 oz.120 feet.
D1212.0 oz.105 feet
D1213.0 oz.91 feet
D1214.0 oz.81 feet
D1215.0 oz.75 feet
D1216.0 oz.70 feet

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