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Bottle Tab Launcher

Bottle Tab Launcher will tell you how to make a weapon that will shoot the bottle tabs you find on the tops of coke cans.

  • Take a square like stick, some rubberbands, a clothespin, and a metal u-shapped tack.
  • Take your rubberband and secure it at the end of the stick with the tack makeing sure its centered.
  • Then take your clothes pin and secure it about a foot down the stick by rapping about 10 – 20 rubberbands around the base of it.
  • Then rap the same amount around the front of the clothespin. This will keep the tab from sliping when cocked.
  • Then take you bottle tab that still has the little square or round shaped object still attached and place it so that the rubberband holds the little round shaped object.
  • Then pull it back so that it will be held by your reinforced clothespin. Then to shoot, just press down on the clothespin and whoosh!!

This is not very accurate up to more than about 15 feet. I have seen these penetrate a shoe box at 5 feet with the proper adjustments. Have fun!

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