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Cannon is derived from the old Italian word cannone, meaning large tube.

A cannon is any tubular armament that uses gunpowder or other, usually explosive propelling substances to launch a projectile.

The history of cannons spans several hundred years and is quite obscure. The first cannons were used in China, were inherently unsafe and were smaller in size. Many cannon shooters were made of wooden staves reinforced with metal straps. Others were built up of wrought iron bars welded together and bound with hoops, and some were even made of cast iron.

In today’s age, cannons are usually divided into many categories and have different names depending on its usage. The most common types of modern cannon are mortars, auto-cannons, guns, and howitzers. Some enormously huge, custom made and high level cannon launcher are also built which are named as super guns.

However, there are many types of homemade cannons and they can be hours of fun. There are people who want to build cannon guns at home but face the challenge of finding suitable and correct ‘how to make a cannon’ blueprints and instructions.

This category provides you with many simple plans and blueprints in how to build a cannon, including; a potato launcher, a spud cannon, a tennis ball mortar, tack rifles, methyl hydrate cannons and many more.

A cannon enthusiast will find the information in this category invaluable for building his or her own homemade cannon.

Pipe Cannon Plans

A simple cannon can be made from a thick pipe by almost anyone. The only difficult part is finding a pipe that is extremely smooth on its interior. This is absolutely necessary; otherwise, the projectile may jam. ...

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Home-brew Blast Cannon

Would you like to learn to build a Blast Cannon on your own? Read on as here you will get complete plans and instructions to build a Home-brew Blast Cannon with this easy to follow guide. ...

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The Meythal Hydrate Cannon

In this article you will acquire knowledge on construction of improvised Meythal Hydrate Cannon. Read how a Cannon is built by using Methanol or Meythal Hydrate in this straightforward guide. This Cannon can be used as mortar, or a bazooka, depending upon the target. ...

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Additional instructions for Soft Drink Can Launcher

This is a very short "mortar" constructed for the express purpose of ``launching soft drink cans straight up into the air. It is crude, prone to ``rupture during use, and consumes rather inordinate amounts of Pyrodex. ``But it sure is fun, and it makes an incredible amount of noise when it ``goes off! ...

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The Tennisball Canon

The main purpose of The Tennisball Canon is to shoot a tennisball as high into the sky as possible and can be a lot of fun to mess with. Here we show you a moderately safe way to build one ! ...

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Tennis ball mortar

This article teaches the novice how to build a powerful Tennis Ball Mortar from scratch. No building experience is necessary. You will find the complete plans for building your own Tennis Ball Mortar here. ...

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The Ancient Art of Cannonry

Would you like to learn to successfully build cannons that can fire impressive distances? If the answer is yes, then read on as the purpose of this document on The Ancient Art Of Cannonry is to guide the reader through the production of a number of different types of cannons. ...

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Tactical Starch Delivery System

A must have boy toy for every canon enthusiast is a spud cannon, commonly known as a potato gun. Here we show you the construction of Tactical Starch Delivery System which will shoot potatoes, apples, or pears with incredible accuracy, velocity, and distance. ...

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Pneumatic Spud Shooter

Ever seen those silly little hairspray powered spud guns that are all the rage? How'd you like to show up those guys with a cannon capable of launching spuds nearly 5 times farther? Read on... ...

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High Powered Potatoe Gun

This article comprises of complete information on construction of a High Powered Potatoe Gun. Learn how to make Potatoe Gun with easily available materials. So what are you waiting for? ...

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Rockets and Cannons

If you are amazed by heavy artillery like Rockets and Cannons, this article will quench your thirst for more useful information on the subject of Rockets. Learn how Rockets and Cannons can be constructed here -- ...

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Tack Rifle

In Tack Rifle, you will learn a method to make an improvised Cannon that will fire tacks or nails. Read how you can prepare your very own Tack Rifle with materials that are easily obtainable -- ...

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Rail Gun: How it Works

Do you know anything about Rail Gun and How it works? In short a rail gun is an electromagnetic projectile device. Here you will get a brief idea about Rail Gun designs, workings, technology used, history and much more! ...

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