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High Powered Potatoe Gun

Ok well you want a HIGH POWERED potatoe (little Dan Quayle for you) gun right! Of course you do otherwise you wouldnt be reading this file. Well this spud gun works awesome sending a potatoe up to or around 200 yards! I have several of these myself. If you get good at these you can learn how to modify them for different calibers, how about a cement filled beer can!

But anyways here’s what you need:

  • A piece of sewer pipe 1′ by 4″ with a” walls
  • One screw on end cap for above pipe
  • One adapter to screw onto the sewer pipe, should make it so you can screw a 1″ pipe into it
  • Another piece of sewer pipe 4′ by 1″ with ” walls
  • Spark plug (automotive works good enough)
  • Rip out the sparker from a BBQ and plug it into the spark plug
  • Or you can get one of those cool electric lighters that are used for lighting gas stoves
  • Dowel-” to 3/4″ in diameter no longer than 3′
  • Starting fluid – get it at an auto store-must be aerosol type

Ok got all that shit? Good. now put together all the pipe, it should look like this kind of:

High Powered Potatoe Gun

Good now you have the firing chamber and the barrel. Next is a list of what the numbers mean:
1.) This is the end of the barrel, sharpen it a little like a hypadermic needle, that is so the potatoe is easier to shove in.
2.) Drill a hole around here and thread it so you can screw the spark plug in. then you will want to mount the BBQ starter somewhere on the outside in a good position to be a trigger, make sure this thing works, otherwise your going to blame me on not being able to hit your anoying little brother with a flying potatoe.
3.) This is the screw-on end cap, make sure it’s not too tight otherwise you wont be able to fire this baby.
4.) This is the adapter, 4″to 1″ pipe

Ok hopefully you have gotten this far, now make sure the firing mech. works, just click it a couple times and watch for a spark.

Now a field test, go out somewhere so that you have lots of open space to yourself and bring a potatoe (or a few) the starter fluid and the dowel.

1.) Shove ONLY 1 potatoe into the end of the barrel, then push it all the way back with the dowel. BUT MAKE SURE YOU DONT PUSH IT INTO THE FIRING CHAMBER!
2.) Open up the firing chamber and spray the TINIEST amount of starter fluid into it, just a little spray. Trust me on this, if you do too much you have just built a suicide pipe bomb.
3.) Screw the end cap back on and pray, then push the trigger, the starter
fluid should explode sending out the potatoe at a HIGH velocity.

Now if you didnt blow your self up it’s time to modify! Thats right, modify! Here are a couple of pointers.

1.) Experiment with different amounts of starter fluid to get the right amount, in other words, more bang for your buck.
2.) Try out different size pipes, I have a small hand gun model that’s great for hitting live things i.e. cats, dogs, deer and it’s not as powerful as the BIG gun.
3.) Try to make them bigger, I mean you should always have a shoulder mounted howitzer model.
4.) If you are really daring, seal the screw-on cap into it and mount a needle valve and propane tank onto the end, so all you have to do is load a potatoe and open the valve a TEENCY WEENCY BIT, it saves time, I use it for my howitzer one.

Well thats about it, I encourage you to build this and shootit as much as you can, and even hit living things, also if you get hurt, just remember this, I told you how much starter fluid to use so dont get carried away, but other than that EVERY BODY NEEDS A SPUD GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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