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Tack Rifle

Warning: These devices are dangerous, and the authors take no responsibility for any harm or death resulting from their use

These devices assumes knowledge of how to make, set, and detonate explosives.

Tack Rifle


paper, thick metal pipe with cap on one end, a box of tacks and/or roofing nails, lots of gunpowder or equivilant explosive, fusing core or solar igniter assembly, and a paper cup.

  • Take the pipe and make sure the cap is firmly on the end. Fill the pipe up at around 3-4 in.with lightly packed gunpowder. Punch a hole in the cup to place the fuse/or gunpowder in.
  • Shove the cup with fuse init down the pipe to compress and hold the powder. Now that you’ve done this, fill the remaining space in the pipe with tacks, nails, or any metal shrapnel.
  • Cover the end with paper and tape it to hold the stull in.
  • Make sure the fuse is hanging out of the pipe.

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