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Tennis ball mortar

This Tennis ball mortar will amaze you of it’s potential.

What you need is:
  • 7-10 Tin cans (the kink with peas or stuff like that in them)
  • lots of duct tape

Now take the tin cans and empty the stuff inside. Eat the stuff! Then cut of the bottom plate on each can except for one of them. Then take the duct tape and tape all the cans together with the one that still has its bottom, on the bottom. Make sure you tape it GOOD, unless you can find some other way to seal them and them tape them.

Take all of the lids and glue or tape them on the botom of your tube. Then you bury two thirds of the tube into the ground. You then must make a picolo pete bomb with a 20 oz. (1 liter) soda bottle. Drop that in the tube after lighting it and drop a tennis ball on top.

If made correctly it will shoot the tennis ball out so fast you won’t be able to see it. You might have to retape the cans back together after you fire it because the blast usually screws it up.

You can get creative and shoot paint mortars out of it:

Cut an aluminum soda can in half and line it with foil. Then pour your choice of paint color into it. Fold the foil over the paint and there it is. Do the same procedure as for the tennis ball.

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