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The Meythal Hydrate Cannon

Ingredients Needed:

1) A Metal Tube measuring about 4-5 inches in diameter
2) Meythal Hydrate (Local Hardware, Paint Section) $1.99
3) Cap for one end of the Metal Tube
4) A Drill
5) Some Matches
6) Some Tennis Balls


Get the Metal Tube, and cut it so it is about 3 feet long, then jam the cap onto the end of the Metal Tube, and make sure you have a tight fit, because you don’t want the thing to blow off! Next, drill a small hole, big enough for a match, at the base of the Metal Tube, just above where the cap rim is.
One, Two, Three CANNON!

*- Make sure the cap is tight, or else…..?

is in the counter to the right of the cash register, on the top shelf.

Diagram of Meythal Hydrate Cannon:

The Meythal Hydrate Cannon

To Fire:

Here is the easy part, the cannon can be used as a mortar, or a bazooka, it depends on the target. Now, get a capful of the Meythal Hydrate and pour it into the metal tube, get a tennis ball and ram it down the tube, make sure the tennis ball is tight, and doesn’t just fall down, or it won’t work. Pick your target and light a match and stick it in the hole, the gas vapourizes and THUD goes the tennis ball.

An easier method of lighting The Meythal Hydrate Cannon, if you don’t want to be in the vicinity, is a piece of fuse, which anybody can buy at Robinson’s Guns, it

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