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Explosive Pens

Here are the instructions for building a device no agent should be without, the ‘Explosive Pens’. From the mind of “Q” himself, a device for your evaluation.


  • (1) “Felt” Tip Pen
  • (1) “Ball” Point Pen
  • (1) High quality firecracker!
  • (1) 8 gram measure potassium parmagranite (optional)
  • (x) Scotch Tape
  • (1) Large Paper Clip
  • (2) Packages of matches
  • (1) Pair of scissors
  • (1) Length of Beige thread


  1. Use thread to friction saw the felt tip pen in half at the point where the cap “snaps” onto the pen. (about mid-section)
  2. Remove the innerts of the felt tip pen, throw them away.
  3. Pull the innerts out of a bic ball point pen and remove the ball point assembly at the front of the pen.
  4. Use scissors to widen the hole in the “felt” end of the pen. Insert the ball assembly and make sure it is a tight fit. It should now look as if the felt tip pen was constructed as a ball point pen.
  5. Cut off abrasive strips from the packs of matches. It is best if they have not been used. Tape these to the top of the firecracker near the fuse, the strips should run parallel to the outstreached fuse. Wrap fuse over the top of one strip and tape down so fuse runs parallel to abrasive strips.
  6. Unbend paperclip and tape a match to the metal rod, the match should be parallel to the rod and it should be taped tight using as little tape as possible.
  7. Insert the match head 1/5 of the way between the abrasive strips and wrap tape around the assembly. It should now look like this.Explosive Pens(a)-Explosive/(b)-Fuse/(c)-Match attached to metal rod/(d)-Abrasives The entire assembly should be thin enough to slip into the case of the felt tip pen.
  8. Using scissors drill a small hole in the “non-tip” end of the felt tip pen case. Insert the assembly so the metal rod fits through the hole in the end of the pen case.
  9. The assembly will not quite fit properly. The firecracker will protrude from the cut half of the felt tip case. Slip the removed end of the case over the firecracker. (join the halfs together over the firecracker in the center) and mount the cap of the felt tip pen on the end of the metal rod. Glue any loose parts. You are done!

To Detonate…

Simply hit the cap (mounted at end of pen permanently) and throw it at your target, or hand it to your target. My favourite is to say “Think Fast” and throw them your felt tip pen. (make it a easy throw) Your victim will catch it, and it will then explode. Cutting off many small appendages if you coat the firecracker with potassium parmagranite. Or killing your target if you use contact poison in place of the potassium.

Theory of operation…

Quite simple, by hitting the cap you are ramming the match head at the end of the metal rod between the tight abrasive strips causing combustion. Or the “Orgasm” effect. (the term Axis Agents use!) The fire lights the fuse and from there, the pen is history! (pardon the pun) After hitting the cap you have a average time limit of 2.5 seconds to rid yourself of the pen. (plenty of time actually…)

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