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Gun Articles & Information

Gun Articles & Information

A firearm can be described as a weapon from which a single or multiple projectile can be discharged at high velocity by a controlled explosion caused by igniting gunpowder.

Initially black powder was only used as the gunpowder but the current firearms use smokeless powder, cordite, or other propellants.

Firearms can be divided in some basic categories such as handguns, long guns and automatic guns, many of which are discussed in our comprehensive collection of gun articles. There are many different guns on the market, most common types of handguns are the pistols, revolvers, and semi-automatic pistols, while rifles and shotguns are long guns. An automatic weapon is a firearm capable of firing multiple rounds with one pull of the trigger and will keep loading until the ammunition is exhausted.

An improvised firearm is a firearm manufactured by someone who is not a gunsmith and is constructed with whatever is available to the purpose. Improvised firearms are known by many names and one of the names for these types of firearms is zip gun.

A BB gun is an air gun in which ball bearings or pellets are propelled by compressed air, these type of guns are typically use for bird hunting. Most commercial BB firing airguns can shoot beyond 200 ft/s.

This archive presents tons of gun articles and guides on many different gun and firearm types. You will also find ideas to on building a homemade gun and gun silencer.

Read how to make BB guns with ease, how to choose correct gun for your needs, gun information for survival and a lot more!

Assault Rifles for Survival Use

During hard times you will need to keep yourself protected from any type of attack and to keep yourself alive you should always have Assault Rifles For Survival Use. The Assault rifles will facilitate you to protect yourself and your family. This report provides information on different types of Assault rifles and provides minute details on each firearm. ...

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The AK-47 Assault Rifle

Here is the rifle that launched a thousand anti-gun bills in the United States, the famous AK-47 assault rifle. Take a good look at it. The versions in the U.S. are semiautomatic, a technology that has been around since before the turn of the century. ...

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ALCU and Guns

ALCU and Guns discusses the points made by the ALCU on Gun Control and ways in which constitution being trampled by Government's zest on going after 'illegal' guns and 'illegal' gun owners. ...

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Mercinary Today Guns

Mercinary Today Guns provides brief introduction on guns, tips on choosing the correct gun for you, statistics on various handguns. Furthermore you will also read about making connection with the right people to get these firearms. Read on! ...

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How To Build a .22

Would you like to learn How To Build a .22 Zip Gun? This complete guide takes the reader from start to finish. Learn How To Build an original style, safe and easy to operate .22 zip gun with this easy to follow guide. ...

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Armed and Law-Abiding

Armed and Law-Abiding is a notable account against gun control laws so citizens can defend themselves and their loved ones. Read on to know more about gun culture and its advocates. A 90 minute documentary for Public Television and foreign broadcast was going to be made on this topic but was never completed. ...

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Firearms, Hunting & Trapping Facts and Positions

Firearms, Hunting & Trapping Facts and Positions is written with an objective to educate the readers on topics such laws on private ownership of assault rifles and other firearms, waiting period for gun purchases, restricted gun licenses. What's more? You will also get to know about intention behind license and regulations for hunting and trapping and much more! ...

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Armed and Female

Following report presents insight and objectives of Paxton Quigley, author of 'Armed and Female'. Read on why Quigley made an endeavor for training women to protect and defend themselves in hazardous situations. ...

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Homemade Silencers

This how-to guide explains a simple but effective method to build Homemade Silencers which function as firearm noise suppressor. Clear instructions and schematics are provided for easy comprehension on constructing Homemade Silencers -- So what are you waiting for? ...

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Survival Guns

Survival Guns is a comprehensive guide on survival during a socio-economic collapse. You will gain knowledge on different aspects of survival along with this you will find complete information on different guns that can be used to protect yourself in hard times. ...

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Small Arms Firing Manual

Small Arms Firing Manual is a thoroughly explains the step-by-step process to clean, oil and finish a rifle after use.. Here you will get complete instructions for rifle maintenance which results in accuracy life of the barrel, and better results in target practice. ...

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Vehicular Long Barrel Weapons Mount

Vehicular Long Barrel Weapons Mount By David W. Pisenti Special Agent Firearms Training Unit FBI Academy Concealment, Security, Accessibility--These three factors are critical to the storage of long-barrel weapons in unmarked law enforcement vehicles. However, until recently, addressing all three of these factors simultaneously was not feasible. For the most part, law enforcement personnel had no other choi ...

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Homemade Flame Thrower

Are you fascinated by flame throwers and have always wanted to have one for yourself? Well then you are in the right place as this guide takes you from start to finish. Easy Steps! Archived here is a simple and uncomplicated way to make a flame thrower gun. So what are you waiting for? ...

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U.S. Army Special Forces Caching Techniques

US Army Special Forces Caching Techniques is a fine guide which provides complete and detailed instructions on how to hide guns, medical supplies, and other essential equipments which may be of use in future for survival or any other purposes. Here you will read about advanced techniques for caching firearms and other materials such as anchoring items underwater and much more! ...

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