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12 Gauge Franchi SPAS-12 Shotgun

SPAS – Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun.

The gun is a short Barrelled Semi-Auto shotgun with skeleton butt and a special device to enable the firer to carry/fire the gun with 1 hand if needed. Receiver made from light alloy and barrel +Gas cylinder are chromed to resist corrosion. The characteristic scattering effect of a smoothbored barrel spreads the pellets to about 900 mm diam at 40 meters. The automatic action will fire at about 4 shots a second. Using standard buckshot rounds it is possible to put 48 pellets a second on a target at 40 meters.

AMMO:– buckshot, solid slug,small pellets, tear gas rounds which shoot a plastic container filled with CS gas upto a max range of 150 Meters.

When using lighter ammo the user selects manual reloading using the Pump action but all other types of rounds will fire automatically.

The weapon is stripped by unscrewing the tubular magazine and then sliding the entire barrel group away from the receiver and clear of gun. 2 retaining pins hold the trigger mechanism in place. The breech block is slid forward out of the body, having first removed the cocking handle.


Calibre:12 BORE12 BORE
Length (With Folded Stock)N/A710mm
Operation:Gas, Semi-Auto or Hand Pump
Rate Of Fire:24-30 Rds/Min (Practical)
Reloading Time:15 Secs for 7 Rounds into magazine
Sights:Notch RearSight and Ramp Foresight

Manufacturer:- Luigi franchi SpA, via del serpente 12,25020 brescia (Fraz,Fornacia)

STATUS:- Current. Available.

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