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BB Shotgun

This will tell you how to make a BB Shotgun with very easy to get supplies.

What you need is

  • An old testors paint bottle(the kind you use for modles with no paint in it)
  • Gun powder
  • BB’s
  • Baby powder
  • A fuse
  • A pipe.

Take your container and fill the bottom half with your gun powder. Then take a little peice of paper to seperate it from the top halfs contents. Then poor the baby powder and bbs in at the same time so they mix. Insert the fuse so it goes through the baby powder and the paper and is touching the gun powder. Punch a hole in the lid and fit the fuse through it. You must screw the lid on very tightly. Insert this into the pipe facing outwards when you light it. IT must either fit very tightly or half a back on the pipe or the container will shoot out the end. BOOOOMMM!

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