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Homemade Flame Thrower

Building a Homemade Flame Thrower is handy, and not hard, just the materials are hard to find.

Shopping list:
  • a Super Soaker 20, 30, or 50 water gun
  • a butane lighter
  • Licopodium powder

What is licopodium? It’s an oxidizing agent. If you can find it, get as MUCH as you can. Try the school chem lab. Most chem teachers play with the stuff. If you take a pile and stab a match into it, it puts the match out. If you have a bunson burner or a lighter and throw the stuff into the flame, it flashes like mad.

Fill the resivoir for your super soaker almost full with water, and put in enuff licopodium powder to get a saturated solution, but not super saturated. It won’t disolve, it’ll just hang there. Just don’t make it pasty. Pump up the SS and spray into the lighter. Then light stuff with it. It makes a nice makeshift flamethrower.

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