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How To Make Blow Darts

Blow darts are easy to make and all the materials can be found in your own home. These darts can travel a long distance with good penetration if constructed correctly. Here we will demonstrate an easy way To Make Blow Darts.

Materials needed:

  • A small piece of wood
  • A sewing machine needle
  • A spool of thread
  • A couple nails
  • Hammer
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Hammer the two nails about two inches apart on the board. Wrap the thread tightly around the two nails. The number of times the thread is wrapped around the nails will determine the amount of weight and stability the dart has. Once you have decided you have wrapped enough thread, cut it close to the nail at around a half inch. Take this small tuft of thread and put a dab of glue on the folded end. The kind of glue you use is very important. I suggest that you use a tacky kind of glue (nothing runny, like Elmer’s glue). Attach this to the needle and hold until it is dry.

Another kind of Blow Dart can be made with Q-tips. This kind of dart doesn’t work as well as the first one, but it is sometimes easier to make. first you have to get the kind of Q-tips that have a plastic stem. Cut the Q-tip close to one end. Insert the sewing needle into the Q-tip and secure it by melting the plastic slightly with a lighter. This kind of dart doesn’t last long because the cotton come off easily.

Blow Guns:

Ordinary straws make an excellent blow gun with this kind of dart. Another kind can be made with a cheap pen by taking apart the pen and using the shell. Any long, cylindrical, object with the diameter of a straw will work very well.

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