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Chloropicrin: Chloropicrin is Also Known as Vomiting Gas

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Chloropicrin is also known as vomiting gas. Though not really a gas but a liquid, the inhalation of it’s mist or fumes causes projectile vomiting in humans. It’s production is easy but requires some special equipment. Needed are a chemical hood or glove box, protective clothing and a gas mask or clean air respirator. The gas mask must be impermeable to the fumes of chloropicrin as the chemical is known to penetrate most masks. When all the equipment is assembled put 65 gm. Fuming Nitric Acid and 120 gm.

Chloroform in your box or hood. Also needed is about 1/2 lb. of plaster of paris. Put on your protective clothing and turn on the exhaust of the hood. Slowly pour the nitric acid into the chloroform while stirring and cooling the mixture. The acid is added a little at a time. When all the acid is added continue stirring for 15 min. The reaction flask contains chloropicrin and water. This water will hydrolize and destroy the chloropicrin after a while and must be removed. This is where the plaster comes in. Added a tsp. of plaster and stir. Continue adding the plaster and stirring until about 6 oz. of plaster is in the mix. Cap the flask and let the plaster settle out. When all the plaster is settled, filter the chloropicrin through filter paper into another container that you will store it in. The process is done. To make fuming nitric acid take red fuming nitric acid and add a little urea. Blow dry air through it until the red fumes stop coming off.

Chloropicrin (known in chemwarfare circles as PS) can be mixed with either CN or CS teargas. The makes a very nasty chemweapon. The effects of both substances are magnified. The effects of this mix does not wear off in an hour or so but can continue for a week or more. There are reports of effected people committing suicide because of the pain and discomfort.

PS or Chloropicrin can cause the throat and stomach muscles to rip because of the force of the vomiting.

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