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How To Make Tear Gas In Your Basement

All text on ‘How To Make Tear Gas In Your Basement’ is for information only. I’m not responsible for the people who try this or for the results. It’s your fault if you fuck up and get caught!

How To Make Tear Gas In Your Basement

The method of making tear gas is so simple that anyone can do it. The two things to remember are care and caution. You will need a certain amount of equipment but, you can find them in any hobbie shop, or home chemical supplier. If you don’t already own a gask mask, go out and get one. They are sold at any Army-Nazy stores for under 10 bux.

Materials Needed

1. Ring Stand14. Rubber Tubing
2. Alcohol Lamp15. Glass Tubing
3. Flask (300-ml)16. Rubber Stopper
4. Clamp17. Collecting Bottle
5. Rubber Stopper18. Glass Tubing
6. Glass Tubing19. Rubber Tubing
7. Clamp Holder20. Glass Tubing
8. Rubber Tubing21. Rubber Tubing
9. Condenser22. Air Trap Bottle
10. Rubber Tubing23. Glass Tubing
11. Ring Stand24. Rubber Tubing
12. Clamp and Clamp Holder25. Glass Tubing
13. Rubber Tubing26. Beaker (300-ml)

Method For Preparing Tear Gas:

1. Work in a garage, or outside if possible – not in the kitchen.

2. Mix ten parts of glycerine with two parts of sodium bisulfate, in flask (No. 3), and heat. Do not fill more than one-third of flask, as mixture froths when heated. When the frothing begins, adjust heat.

3. As soon as you see no more tear gas being generated, and solids begginging to be formed in the generating flask (No. 3), or a brown residue in the tube (No. 6), remove the heat source, ‘With your gas mask on’, and pour out the residue in flask. You must pour this outside. ‘Do not pour down sink or toilet.’

4. Remove collecting jar (No. 17) and stopper it QUICKLY. What you have collected here is tear gas.

5. Do not attempt to make more than three ounces at one time.

6. Make sure all joints are tight.

Method to step up equipment

1. Metal base ring stands (No. 1 & 11) are placed on working surface.

2. Clamp and clamp holder (No. 4 & 7) are placed onto ring stand (No. 1).

3. Clamp and clamp holder (No. 12) are placed on ring stand (No. 11).

4. Generating Flask (No. 3) is placed in clamp (No. 4).

5. Two pieces of rubber tubing (No. 10 & 13) are connected to condenser (No. 9).

6. Condenser (No. 9) is placed into clamp (No. 12).

7. Segment of glass tubing (No. 6) is placed in rubber stopper (No. 5).

8. Segments of glass tubing (No. 15 & 18) are put into rubber storrer (No. 16).

9. Segments of glass tubing (No. 20 & 23) are put into rubber stopper (No. 21).

10. Rubber stopper (No. 5) is put into the mouth of the generating flask (No. 3).

11. Rubber stopper (No. 16) is put into mouth of collecting bottle (No. 17).

12. Rubber stopper (No. 21) is put into mouth of air trap bottle (No. 22).

13. Connect glass tubgin (No. 6) with condenser (No. 9) and with rubber tubing (No. 8).

14. Connect condenser (No. 9) with glass tubing (No. 5) and with rubber tubing (No. 14).

15. Connect glass tubing (No. 18) with glass tubing (No. 20) and rubber tubing (No. 19).

16. Connect glass tubing (No. 23) with glass tubing (No. 24) and with rubber tubing (No. 24)

17. Connect rubber tubing (No. 10) to a faucet.

18. Put end of rubber tubing (No. 10) into a sink or drain.

19. Fill beaker (No. 26) three-quarters full of water, and place glass tubing (No. 25) in the water.

20. Turn on water to rubber tubing. (No. 13).

21. Light wick on alcohol heater (No. 2) and place under generating flask (No. 3).

The best method for putting tear gas into operation is to place it under pressure in a glass vial or bottle. Then throw the bottle at the target you have in mind. The glass will break on contact (NOOO SHIT) and allow the tear gas to escape. Other successful methods have been proven, including compressing in an atomizer, aerosol can, or seltzer bottles.

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