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Knock-Out Drops


Ethyl Alcohol
Sulfuric Acid
Calcium Oxide


Distilling Set (see below)
Clorine Bottle
Glass Tubing
Rubber Tubing
Aquarium Aerator
Basting Syringe
Cooking Thermometer
600 ml Beaker
Water Glass

Knock-Out Drops

A piece of glass is fitted into the bottom of the stopper for the flask. To that is placed an eight-inch length of rubber tubing and at the end of this is the aerator. Two more pieces of glass is put in the top of the stopper.

First, you will need pure alcohol so buy some 100 proof vodka and distill it until you have about 12 oz.

Put the alcohol in the flask.Put about two inches of bleach and a teaspoon of Sani-Flush in the chlorine bottle. This will generate the clorine gas that you will need. Start the clorine through the alcohol while the flask is still cold. Watch it carefully to see when the alcohol stops absorbing the clorine. Then light a alcohol lamp and place it under the 600 ml flask. Keep the flame low until the alcohol stops absorbing again. Raise the flame and repeat. Continue this untill the alcohol is boiling. Some of the alcohol will distill off into the collection bottle. Several times during the process, pour this back into the 600 ml beaker.

When the alcohol is totally chlorinated the flask is poured into a porcelain dish and allowed to cool. If you have done this right the cooled product should be a crystaline mass of unrefined Cloral Hydrate.

Now, pour strong sulfuric acid, three times the volume of the Cloral Hydrate, into the pan. Place this pan on your stove over gentle heat. When the cloral hydrate is melted, it and the sulfuric acid are stirred throughly pour this into the flask and heat again. But this time use the thermometer and don’t let it get over 200 F.

As the mixture heats up, the still impure cloral hydrate will rise to the surface. When it stops rising, use the basting syringe and draw the top off of the sulfuric acid. Repeat this until the pan is empty.

Put the cloral hydrate (you drew it off in the last step) into the beaker and heat at about 190 F. for 20 minutes. This will get rid of any alcohol or acid still in it. Pour this back into the flask and add an equal amount of sulfuric acid. Swirl this around to mix it.

Once again you must distill the mixture. But this time it is easy since the cloral hydrate will boil at 210 F and the sulfuric acid boils at 722 F. When finished pour out the acid, then wash and dry the flask. Now, put the powered Calcium Oxide, equal in volume to the cloral hydrate into the flask, add the cloral hydrate and distill again. Stop as soon as the surface of the oxide is dry.

To Use Knock-Out Drops:

add one part water to two parts { by volume } of the finished product. The dose is 1/28th of an oz ( 1 gram ). The best way to use this is to put it into a mixed drink, because it has a bitter taste. In about 15 minutes, whoever you gave it to is out for the night.

Comments (8)

  • v

    is there any other way easier way to make this?
    or som other way like this with the same effects?

  • Joe stanburg


  • Roy

    I would like better details on how to make the still.
    Thank you

  • One

    hmm…, you say chloroform but can you tell how to make it??

  • alex

    Dont trust this one, if they dont know that a 100 proof vodka is only 50% alcohol what else is messed up. 200 proof would be 100% Take it from an old moon shiner

  • Vicki

    He SAYS to distill the vodka. This indicates to me, that he understands it is only 50% ETOH. As a chemist, I would be wary of this formula, however. It sounds dangerous. I’d try it on someone I REALLY didn’t like, first! :)

  • Vicki

    Roy- a still, is a very simple piece of equipment. Every home should have one. Then again, I think every home should have a machine shop, also. I guess I just like being self-reliant! See ANY high school chemistry book. Better make that a pre-1970 chemistry book! Many sites on the web, will have detailed plans for a still, from simple to complex. Ebay has them for sale. (But- I think they are overpriced, and shoddy). I’ll build you a GOOD quality refracting column still, for $$. They are perfectly legal to own. @Roy

  • John

    I’m very sorry to be the one to tell you this but, this wouldn’t work too well. An over-dose with this substance would be extremely simple and the ammount needed for unconciousnes is quite close to the limit. To use this effectively, you’d need to know the weight of the target and calculate how much is necessary (no more than 0.5mg per pound)

  • AK47

    Will this take care of my wife’s annoying insomnia?

  • steven

    bleach hhmmmmmmmm…isnt it dangerous or harmful?

  • Robb

    This stuff is very dangerous in the wrong hands. Has anyone on this forum actually made it and used it?

  • ray

    and the chances of the final product killing who ever it is used on…

  • kryteque

    he ses to distill the alcohol im presuming the 12ounces he was talkingg about was half volume of the 100 proof vodka so this should be 200 proof vodka once finished he didnt say not to boil it over 100 degrees i dont think as this would make methelated spirit but he wasnt trying to give u lessons in distilling alochol

  • kryteque

    a question to the author: what regeants exactly are we using the bleach and saniflush for as if it is chlorine gas alone surely there is a more lab grade appproach to producing it if not what else is required in the gas as anything with bleach and saniflush (due to impurities) doesnt interest me i want to knock them out not intoxicate them with contaminants

  • jeremy

    what if a dropper might be used? how can you calculate the mg’s?


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