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Simple Poison

Youll have to find a handfull of those mushrooms that grow in your back yard. Or you can find them at local parks. Then allow those to dry out. Powder them after they are extremly dry. Then take whatever medications you can find in your home cabinet.

You can go to your local drug store and find things such as Asprin, tylonol, Anti-diarreal pills. It must be a pill because you will need to powder them as well. If it is a gel cap, just open it up and dump them out. You must then mix these with the mushroom powder. Because of its bad taste you will have to disolve it in water or a liqiud.

This recipe will work wonders on an annoying dog in the neighborhood. You can also ad something like dimetap or robitusun or any liquid drug and pour little amounts on your powder then letting it dry. After that is acomplished you can get the dog to eat it if you sprinkle a little dog biscut flavoring….

Comments (29)

  • DarkdemonSoldier

    how effective will it kill or stun or paralyze? respond message me at Tidus10205@live.com (anyone can message i probably will delete if it looks like spam

  • William Comer

    I just moved to Thailand. Dogs run loose and a barking nuisance, and a few bite people. AND, the Thai do nothing about it. Bitten don’t report to the police, and if done, the police don’t take action. I’m ready to in my neighborhood!

    Haven’t found any wild mushrooms. Are storebought ok? I envision inserting whatever poison I use into a small sausage: use a special chef’s tool to bore a small hole and remove the plug, insert the poison, then push the plug back in. A dog will virtually swallow that sausage whole.

    Would inserting a metal screw be effective? Or, would a dog discover it and spit it out? Whatever….I gotta do something! Thanks for your recipe!!

  • David J. Knowles

    The jerk that wrote that the homemade poison could be used on an annoying neighborhood dog should be given the dose him or herself first. I’d like to witness their pin and suffering after having taken it. I’m surprised that they would be allowed to have their suggestion posted.


    can u tell me how i Suicide please sIr

  • Risuna

    this may seem random but i wanted to buy a 1900’s poison bottle & fill it with some kind of poison just for the hell of it *filling it with poison that is – ultimately I serious want the bottle* but i couldn’t find any recipes… til now~ so glad there’s wild mushrooms located around my school~!

  • marco polo

    if you got them from a store they wouldn’t be poisonous would they.

  • Dominatus

    @William Comer
    Dude, go ask someone far from where you live. Anyone. Ask for “Yaa Buar Maa”. They got it for sell. Or try insecticide. Of cause, they work. But as you may knew, Thai stray dogs are like Thai polices. They die harder than Bruce Willis =w=’ and annoying as…well

  • you bastards

    You’re all sick disgusting bastards. Call animal control you barbaric savages.

  • marco polo

    numb skull overdosing on meds from any where will kill you and you get wild mushrooms. *palmface*

  • nate

    who the hell uses poisions on annoying dogs u bastard!!! dogs are our freinds u cold hearted dipshit!!!

  • Epicly Merked

    What type of powder you use?

  • Bob

    Why the hell would you use this on a dog? You are heartless.

  • Ezio Auditore

    Will this work on humans?

  • Liz

    What the fuck? Are you people insane? So if anyone gives you trouble you just KILL them?
    “Interting a metal screw” holy shit.
    YOU are animals, not them. You’re the ones that should be killed off.

  • :)

    it is very simple here in the philippines, we use Vetsin (Monosodium glutamate) a food flavoring to kill dog… we also kill anoying dogs by feeding it with wing part of chicken… those little bones will choke that nasty dog.

  • Lily Secrest

    Thanks for this it will come in handy

  • theinventor001

    Liz is right but thing they control their choice let feel the guilt!!!!!!

  • fairplayballard

    if grandpa takes nitro glycerin tablets,take about 4 and drop them into a small sausage (cold),quickly toss it to the dog and the dogs heart will stop after eating it.

  • Al

    Holy fuck, you are all sick in the damn head. Call animal control or give the dog some fucking food, maybe the dog is starving and that’s why it barks. Even if you don’t like animals, killing them is extreme. Death is not a solution for everything.

    Also, suicide? Please, if you really wanted to kill yourself you would do it without having to look for types of poison on the web.

    I hope you all pieces of shit die a quick dead and free this world from your presence.

  • Meh

    The dogs might have rabies. Poison is a good way to kill them, if they are a nuisance.

  • Commentor

    Sorry but i have to speak up.
    killing dogs IS bad but….
    Telling someone to die a quick dead is just WTF!?
    lol learn to fucking spell and not grief people over the internet

  • JC

    How do you concoct an effective poison for suicide or get your hands on one?

  • Mandy5678

    You people are sick. I was just doing research for a school project. But hearing these things it is just dis-gust-ing ! I mean you people are just so heartless who wants to kill a poor innocent dog?
    ( And please don’t use bad language like that, some kids like to do research and I don’t think their parents would aprove)

  • Black

    In some countries, the dogs have become a nuisance, biting people, sometimes killing them.
    Also they might have rabies and/or carry other dieases, I DO NOT approve of poison, but when you see a small kid being killed in the most gruesome way by some dogs and the police dosen’t do anything, you might start to look for alternatives!
    Trust me, no one is going to kill your neighbor’s shin-tzu…

  • John F. Kennedy

    Well… U idiots dont know shit about dogs in Thailand, they are beasts, a nuisance, kill them, or they kill you with rabies etc. So – what is the best way to get rid of them, apart form calling the trucks and ship them to Vietnam for lunch??

  • looool

    this made my day… it sure come in handy one day
    in this content, dog might have been human

  • k9

    i think some of this is funny

  • matt van holt

    quite disgusting

  • Handy Andy

    I had a barking dog who owners worked all day, and they would leave him outside and he barked until they came home and feed him his dinner…What i did was feed the dog and talked to him while i feed him. He got use to my voice and on the 3 rd day he was ok and stopped barking..

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