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Simple Poison

Youll have to find a handfull of those mushrooms that grow in your back yard. Or you can find them at local parks. Then allow those to dry out. Powder them after they are extremly dry. Then take whatever medications you can find in your home cabinet.

You can go to your local drug store and find things such as Asprin, tylonol, Anti-diarreal pills. It must be a pill because you will need to powder them as well. If it is a gel cap, just open it up and dump them out. You must then mix these with the mushroom powder. Because of its bad taste you will have to disolve it in water or a liqiud.

This recipe will work wonders on an annoying dog in the neighborhood. You can also ad something like dimetap or robitusun or any liquid drug and pour little amounts on your powder then letting it dry. After that is acomplished you can get the dog to eat it if you sprinkle a little dog biscut flavoring….

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