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Teargas and Related Items


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Capstun (capsaicin) is the active oil in red pepper. If you don’t think something derived from pepper can be as good as CN or CS tear gas, think. Even if a person is maced, he can still can still function if he is motivated enough. Capstun is an irritant which causes nasal passages to swell , making the affected person breathe through their mouth which in turn causes them to inhale the capstun which affects the throat causing choking. It’s effect in the eyes is extreme tearing and pain. In addition it causes a burning sensation on any exposed skin. Capstun does not cause permanent damage.

Capstun is easy to make. The only drawback is you have to heat up ethyl alcohol which is flammable.

Obtain 1 lb. of dried red or green hot peppers. The hotter the better. Chop them up in a blender and put them into a large jug. Add denatured ethyl alcohol to the peppers until they are covered by an inch or two of alcohol. Put the jug into a pot of water on an electric burner and bring the alcohol almost to a simmer. Be very careful as the alcohol fumes can ignite. Don’t use a flame to heat the water. Let the alcohol cool a bit then filter it off. Repeat this 3 times.

Throw out the peppers and put all the alcohol into a large mouthed jar. Take the water pot/heater outside and heat up the alcohol. Evaporate the alcohol down to about 100 mls. Filter off the alcohol again and let it evaporate to leave a thick reddish oil. If you are adventurish take a minute amount of the oil and taste it. Have plenty of water on hand though.

Capstun is usually used as a 1% to 5% solution. Cut it down with mineral oil or another suitable carrier.

Captsun Bomb:

Take a 12 gauge shotgun shell and open the crimp. Pour out the shot and seal the shot cup with a thin layer of epoxy. The seal must be oil- proof. Take a 1 in. long piece of broomhandle and drill a small hole through it’s center. Epoxy it onto the brass end of the shell so that the hole is over the primer. Now fill the shell with a 5% solution of capstun. Close the crimp up again and epoxy the end shut. Take a cloth streamer about 1 1/2 in. wide by 2 ft. long and epoxy one end of it to the crimp end of the shell.

When all is ready take a short nail and insert it through the hole up against the primer. Hold it in place with 2 pieces of tape. To use this, fold the streamer up in your palm and place the shell on top of the streamer. Throw the shell in a high arc. The streamer will cause the shell to land nail end first setting off the primer. When the shell goes off it will spray the capstun into the air. Two of these can clear the street.

If you have problems with the capstun leaking, try loading it first into a small plastic bag. Heat seal the open end of the bag then load it in the shotgun shell without the shot cup.

Even though the capstun won’t cause damage, the carrier it is dissolved in can, so chose it carefully.

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