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Tear-Gas Pellets

All processes described in this article ‘Tear-Gas Pellets’ are for informational purposes. If the reader takes the responsability to manufacture the products described here, it is the readers own decision, and the author of this file will take no responsibility for any injuries or punishments levied on the reader of this file or anyone that is injured by any procedure or product described within this file.


Now that the disclaimer is over with, we can get down to business. You may ask why you’d want to make these Tear-Gas Cartridges (TGCs). Well, if you’re like me, you know you need some form of protection in today’s world, but you really don’t want to carry a real gun, or even a pellet gun, since most of todays pellet guns are very powerful and can even be lethal.

Well, now, if you have a pellet gun, you can make harm-less TGCs for it, and give yourself the protection you want, and the piece of mind you need.


Ok. This is just a list of the things you’ll need to complete this project. You’ll want to have all of these materials before you start.


1) Extendable metal antenna similar to Radio Shack #270-1413
1) Can of pepper gas, or a reasonable amount of homemade pepper irritant 1 or
2) Plastic sandwich bags


1) Pipe cutter
1) X-atco blade
1) Length of wire with a small bend at the end
1) Pair of goggles
1) Respirator (optional, but recommended)
1) Pair latex rubber gloves


Ok. Now you need to find which section of the antenna fits your gun. Just cut off the little cylindrical dealie at the end and try each section. When you’ve found the section that fits your gun, cut off all the other pieces and get rid of them or somehting. Now, using the pipe cutter, cut the section that is the size of your gun (.177) into a bunch of smaller sections that are each the length of a pellet. You should have 8 or 10, and you’ll want at least 6 (2 for test firing, and 4 to use).

Also, take the sandwich bag(s) and cut it into small (about 1 inch square) pieces of plastic. This is vital. You must not cut the excesivly large, or insufficiently small. It may take some practice to find the right size. That’s why you use water to test fire.

This should be the last step of the prep for making the actual cartridges. You should definately be OUTSIDE to do this part. Take some sort of container that you know will not cause much splash.

I suggest using some sort of tall beaker. Anyway, go outside with your gloves, goggles and respirator on, and spray some of your irritant into the container. If you chose to use homemade irritant, you have an advantage here. Anyway, you only need a little. Maybe 2 or 3 CCs (eyeball it). Cover this contianer immediatly, before going inside, and before removing your protective gear.


Ok. We’re now moving to a step by step format, as I know I don’t give complex instructions well. Here we go.

1. Take one of your little aluminum tube fragments and stand it on end

2. Take a square of plastic wrap or bag, and using the rounded wire, press it down into the canister. You want a little pocket in the bottem, but you also need to keep the edges of the plastic above the top of the canister.

3. With a method you will discover for yourself (there are several good methods. Find one that works), put a small amount of the TG into the bubble or pocket of plastic in the bottom of the TGC. Just make sure it doesn’t completely overflow the sides of the plastic.

4. Take the little piece of wire, or another piece, and use it to fold over the sides of the plastic and tuck them into the TGC. Like this horrid ASCII diagram:

Tear-Gas Pellets
5. Pat yourself on the back, for you have finished the first TGC. Now, make the rest. Be sure to make one or two (or more) with WATER for a test firing.

Test Firing

Make sure you KNOW for CERTAIN which TGC aren’t really Tear gas, the ones that are water (I know you READ THE WHOLE FILE BEFORE BEGINIG AND KNEW TO MARK THE WATER FILLED ONES, RIGHT?). Now, take those two (or however many) and take them outside or wherever, it doens’t matter. Put them in your gun (be it CO2 or pneumatic) and set up a target of paper or something. One other idea to see how they work is to use some of your mom’s perfume or some deodorent or something instead of water. This will help you see how well it spreads.

Anyway, pump the gun up, or whatever the case is, and fire. You should see a cloud of gas eject from the gun, as well as the plastic and the canister. Neither of the latter two objects will really hurt anyone. Hopefully, the cloud of gas WILL!!!! If you decided to use a fragrence of one type or another, you should notice the scent filling the area. It can spread rather well.


Be aware that these tear gas cartridges are NEVER to be used as an offensive weapon, or for attack in a mugging or such. They should ONLY be used for defensive purposes. If you decide to do otherwise, that is your problem, and I SHALL NOT be held responsible.

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