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Toxins – Killing Quantities of Things

I tried to type in this chart earlier, but when the editor and modems got through with it – it was a mess. I’ll try it again. It’s a listing of some *HIGHLY* toxic materials…some of which may fall into the “Most Dangerous Substances On This Planet” hall of fame.

Poison – Lethal Dose

Anthrax Spores – .0001 milligram
Botulism – .001 mg (according to this chart)
Lead Arsenate – 100 mg
Potassium Cyanide – 700 mg
Reactor Plutonium – 1150 mg (“over 15 years till time of death”)
Caffiene – 14000 mg (I drink 15 to 20 cups a day)

N. American Coral Snake – .005 mg
Indian King Cobra – .02 mg
Reactor Plutonium – .078 mg (“over 15 years”)
Diamondback Rattler – .14 mg


Nerve gas (Sarin) – 1.0 mg
Benzpyrene (1 pk/day) – 16.0 mg (over 30 years)
Cadmium Fumes – 10 mg
Mercury Vapor – 30 mg
Phosgene – 65 mg

This list is far from complete. There are plenty of other nasty vicious chemicals in industrial usage every day…some of which happen to be on railroad cars that go through towns and near houses… The list of possible carcino gens alone would take up pages and pages.

Loss Of Life Expectancy Due To Various Causes

Cigarette Smoking – Male2250 days
Heart Disease2100 days
Being 30% Overweight1300 days
Coal Miner1100 days
Cancer980 days
20% Overweight900 days
Cigarette Smoking – Female800 days
Stroke520 days
Cigar Smoking330 days
Pipe Smoking220 days
Pneumonia 0 influenza141 days
Alcohol <u.s. average>130 days
Diabetes95 days
Legal Drug Misuse90 days
Job WIth Radiation Exposure40 days
Natural Radiation8 days
Medical X-Rays6 days
Coffee6 days
Oral Contraceptives5 days
Radiation From Nuclear Industry0.02 days

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