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Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons

The quest for super-power status and military supremacy is driving nations across the world to a mad race of developing or acquiring secret weapons.

What is a secret weapon? Put simply, a secret weapon is a weapon about which there is no official word or the owner or state has deliberately kept its identity concealed. For example, before it was first used, atomic bomb’s existence was kept secret.

Secret weapons are both developed on a large as well as a small scale. Although the degree may vary, the intention behind both is the same; to keep its design a secret so that its use cannot be predicted. If you are a James Bond fan, you would have witnessed the use of several secret weapons in his novels and movies. However, it isn’t intended to keep the existence of such weapons a secret forever but only till the time it has been used.

The articles in this section chronicle the various secret weapons that have been used or tested in the past.

The idea of this category is to let you get a glimpse of their features, technologies, potential good and bad features of secret weapons from around the world.

Bright Skies: Top-Secret Weapons Testing? – Part 4

This fourth exclusive article from the Bright Skies series addresses hypothesized science behind the EM fireball weapons, reports on natural fireball events in previous century, more updates on major fireball events. Read more to gain more awareness and find out if these events are really some tests of Tesla Weapons or if 'Secret War' missions are going on? ...

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Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons – Part 7 (Final)

The Seventh and final article on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons, wraps all its contents by discussing Terminal ABM systems, different type of radiation rays used in making weapons, powerful transmitter beams , biological effects on humans by use of these EM Weapons. Read how these weapons may prove to fatal to humans. ...

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Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons – Part 6

Sixth editorial on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons covers some really interesting and intriguing topics such as Tesla shield, Saryshagan direction, Mysterious lights over North Pacific, White sphere in North Atlantic, Continuous Tesla fireball. You will get to read in-depth explanation and justification about all these controversial topics. ...

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Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons – Part 2

The second editorial of Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons series supplies information on special technological research on EM Weapons. The secret nuclear research by US was revealed during the Hiroshima and Nagasaki disaster, however we have ceased to think that these 'secret weapon' testing will not occur again, this article will make us reconsider this! ...

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Bright Skies: Top-Secret Weapons Testing? – Part 5 (final)

The final article in the Bright Skies series endows us with an assessment of current events such as The great Kobe "earthquake" , Tokyo subway gas attack , Oklahoma City "terrorist bombing" , Perth "fireball-explosion" , Destruction of TWA Flight 800 off New York City and Long Island where EM weapons were possibly used in terrorist attacks against common populace. See for yourself and decide if all of this ...

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Bright Skies: Top-Secret Weapons Testing? – Part 3

Part 3 of Bright Skies, Top Secret Weapons Testing comprises of an account on the Japaneese Aum Shinrikyo cult and their interest in EM weapons and their activities in sheep stations and other portions of Australia. You will also gain knowledge on waves emitted by EM weapons systems and its effects on humans and earth. Furthermore you will read about historical instances where these weapons may have been us ...

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Bright Skies: Top-Secret Weapons Testing? – Part 2

The second article in 'Bright Skies - Top-Secret Weapons Testing' series mainly revolves around the several colored beams that have been seen recently and the possible reasons behind these lights. It tries to justify that Banjawarn Bang event was not nuclear but of some scalar electromagnetic technology origin. Additionally you will read about some of Nikloai Tesla's experiments, inventions and identify if ...

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Bright Skies: Top-Secret Weapons Testing? – Part 1

In this treatise, the author makes an attempt to rationalize the reason behind outlandish and bizarre fireball events that were witness in several distant areas in the country. The author further doubts if these events were due to UFO's or are a part of Top Secret Military Weapon Testing -- Read on! ...

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