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Traps and Mines

Traps and Mines

A trap is a device or tactic intended to catch a trespasser or an enemy. A trap often has some sort of bait intended to lure the victim towards it and are also positioned on busy roads or is activated when the victim performs everyday actions such as opening a door, picking something up or switching something on.

There may be different set of motives for planting a trap, it may be to merely cause discomfort or embarrassment among friends as a practical joke, to cause injury or pain, or used by criminals to protect illicit property or goods, by some owners of legal property who wish to protect it from theft, and during warfare.

An explosive mine hidden underground; explodes when stepped on or driven over. The use of land mines is controversial because they cannot make the difference between a soldier and civilian, hence may harm innocents.

The first land mine in Europe was created by Pedro Navarro, a Spanish soldier, who used it in the settles of the Italian castles, in the beginning of the sixteenth century.

The first modern mechanically-fused high explosive anti-personnel land mines were created by Confederate troops of Brigadier General Gabriel J. Rains during the Battle of Yorktown in 1862.

You will discover many more interesting articles and guides on booby traps and landmines within this archive including cartridge trap building, how to make a landmine, build mines & booby traps, making pepper pot mines, tripwires, improvised booby-traps and mines and much more!

Pepper Pot Mines

This guide educates the reader on building a replica of a German WWII mine known as a Pepper Pot Mine. The intention behind using Pepper Pot Mines was to injure the enemy's foot. Here you will get complete instructions to build Pepper Pot Mines on your own. ...

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Cartridge Trap

Cartridge Trap is a simple trap which can be built by using following apparatus: piece of bamboo, a wooden board, a nail and bullets from small guns. Read how Cartridge Trap works -- ...

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How to Make a Landmine

Would you like to learn How to Make a Landmine? This complete guide takes the reader from start to finish. Read how to make an improvised and very effective homemade mine with this easy to follow guide. ...

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Booby Traps

How to make a very wide array of different types of high quality mines and Booby Traps all out of common materials. Read how to make wire trap, road trap, walk trap, torpedo, book traps, gate traps, chimney trap, whistle trap and more! ...

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Mines & Booby Traps

This document sheds light on Various facts and purposes of different types of Mines & Booby Traps. You will also get to read about components of a mine, measures to avoid Booby Traps and more! ...

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Tripwires are often used in booby traps, whereby a little jerk on the wire will stimulate the mine to explode. Read how to make highly effective Tripwires in this straightforward guide. ...

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