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Cartridge Trap

Cartridge Trap is also known as the Foot Breaker. The Cartridge Trap consists of a cartridge set into a piece of bamboo fastened to a board and installed in a camoflaged pit. A nail driven through the bottom of the bamboo serves as a firing pin. The weight of a man stepping on the upper end of the cartridge forces the nail into the cartridge to initiate the primer; the bullet is then propelled upward through the man’s foot. See accompanying picture.

Cartridge Trap

Comments (3)

  • john smith

    there is no way this would work,,,, the trip pressure on the primer on any centerfire round is to high to just step on,,, this wouldnt even work with rimfire rounds,,, theres only a slim chance an a.p.i. round would detonate under the pressure of a foot,, and still not by the primer. :)

  • sasha...thetracker

    i have some shells so i think i will try to make a cartridge trap….defendly not on humans…

  • warlordjason

    i have done this using a nail inside an iron pipe. im guessing you have never tried this because it certainly worked with a 12 gauge shell. all i did to test it was drop a rock on it. and havent u ever heard of toe popper mines that the vc used to make. they did it using bambo not metal piping @john smith

  • Steve

    @john smith

    And you know this for a fact?? This is a VC booby trap. Go talk to Vietnam Veterans that know this works….ever hear of the Purple Heart for being wounded in combat?

  • armed and stupid

    this does work i have done it with a 367. round and a 9mm round

  • Ray

    The VC in Vietnam made boobie traps just like this when I was there. so yes they will work.

  • Roland

    It would work they use these traps all the time in a lot of wars. A sergeant i know stepped on one and the bullet went through his foot.

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