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Well first of all I reccommend that you read the file on my board about landmines… If you can’t then here is the conecpt. You can use an m-80,h-100, blockbuster or any other type of elxplose that will light with a fuse. Now the way this works is if you have a 9volt batery, from a radio ctlred car or what ever and get either a solor igniter (preferably) or some steel wool you can create a remote ignition system. What you do it set up a schematic like this.

TripwiresSo when the switch is on the currnet will flow through the steel wool or igniter and heat up causing the fuse to light.

Note: For use with steel wool try it first and get a really thin peice of wire and pump the current through it to make sure it will heat up to light the explosive.

Now the thing to do is plant your explosive whereever you want it to be but bury it and cover the wires obviously… Now take a this wire fishing line is good about 20 lb. test and tie one end of the wire to a secure object. Have your switch secured to seomthing to and make a loop on the other end on the line. Put the loop around the switch such that when pulled it will pull the switch and set off the explosive. Remeber it may take a few seconds to ignite the explosive… The thing to do is to experiment with this and find your best method…

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